Vote for Mitt Romney, NO WAY!

As a country, six days from today, we will be voting for the next President of the United States (POTUS). I have listened to all the arguments as to why we should vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. I have many friends who say they are going to vote for Mr. Romney, simply because we can’t afford four more years with President Obama. My wife seems to go back and forth, as she is having Facebook discussions with friends, as to the pros and cons of supporting Mr. Romney. Weeks ago I decided I will not vote for Mr. Romney because I believe we are being manipulated by those that control the two-party system and the Main-stream Media (MSM). We are given two choices only, with differences that are so small as to be laughable. Also, the differences change depending on the current election or opponent; this election the proverbial candidate is anti-abortion and the next pro-abortion, that election he/she is anti-gay marriage and this one pro-gay marriage, one election, anti-gun and the next pro-gun, and all of it being bought and purchased with behind closed-door deals and promises. No one stands for what is right or what is truth! Then the MSM attempts to emphasize these small distinctions, hoping we will believe we have a choice that will make a real difference. Not so. Many on the right will tell you it is all about President Obama, that we have to get him out of the presidency. I can understand their arguments, his administration has been a disaster. I just happen to believe that evil is evil and to vote for the lesser of two evils is still evil. I personally believe that the only way to break free from this system is to stop participating in it and go our own way. Just as the internet, (as an alternative information source) has brought about the collapse of influence by the MSM, we should find alternative ways to participate in and influence elections. Even if, right now we lose. This system will not change unless it is forced to change and it will not die easily, there is just to much money and power involved. Continuing to support a corrupt system by our participation just enables the corrupt system to stay alive.

Below, I have posted a link to an article written by Chuck Baldwin entitled: “A Word About The Elections”. The article clearly points to the fact that there is really no difference between the two presidential candidates. I believe it is a must read for free thinking people.


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