We either standup againest them or our children will be slaves to them

The statement below from a post over at Arcticpatriot.com, at first look may seem harsh, though I don’t think it is meant that way. If one thinks about the statement critically the truth of the matter is quite clear; There really are reasons why third-world hellholes are third world hellholes. Arctic Patriot lists several reasons for this, such as; “Culture, Religion, History, Shared Cultural Context, Shared National Experience, and Cultural Matters.” I would mention for additional consideration the lack of natural resources, exploitation by societal elitists, exploitation by foreign powers, ignorance, lack of education, etc. I’m sure we could go on and on. We obviously are discussing a complicated subject, therefore any statement we make will be a simplification.

From my perspective it seems to come down to people making choices and then having to live with the choices they themselves have made. As human beings, we are so very good at not taking responsibility for our own actions and it is so very easy to blame other people. Then on top of this, you have a government that is expert at pointing and blaming everything and everyone except itself for the problems and therefore giving each of us individually an easy excuse. It seems like the cards are stacked against us. Such is life if you live in a cursed world, in a fallen body, and have an enemy roaming about seeking anyone he can devour. If you think about the problem critically, the answer is quite simple. It is imperative that you take responsibility for your own actions. Own what you have done. The Bible calls this humility and repentance. I think it is what made King David, “a man after Gods own heart.” David did many things wrong and suffered the consequences, but he always owned what he did and repented (changed his way). You see our world, ere go our countries are the way they are because of our decisions, so own it. If your world is not the way you want it to be, then stop making the decisions that are making it that way. Change your ways. 

So, third-world countries are the way they are because of the decisions of the people who live there. Many leave to go live in a supposedly better place. Good for them. Yet it is the heighth of ignorance to move to this new and better place and then try to make it the place you just left. It doesn’t make sense does it? Unless you understand that their goal was not to move to a better place in the first place. I would ask you to consider that their goal is to spread their belief system. Ere go their attempt to get sharia excepted as law in many non-muslim countries for an example.

So, I stand in support of Arctic Patriots support of Italian Catholics as they stand against the onslaught of islam, atheism and satanism, for I believe we either stand up against them or our children will be slaves to them. Stop thinking so much about yourself and start thinking about future generations. The war between good and evil/ God and satan is real. If say you are Christian, well start acting like you believe it.

Good on the Italians

“What kind of idiocy does it take to move out of a third-world hellhole, and insist on making one’s new home into one? There is a reason third-world hellholes are third world hellholes.”

“What kind of idiocy does it take to allow one’s homeland to be turned into a third world hellhole at the hands of Marxist “democrats” and multi- anti-culturalism?”

“I don’t care how one feels about Catholicism or Christmas; that is not the point.  Culture is the point.”

“It’s Italy, for crying out loud.”

“Good on the Italians.  The “North Africans” can go back home if they don’t like the host culture they chose to move to.”

God’s Law allows for immigration and the acceptance of foreigners, with one significant stipulation-

“Assimilation is required.”

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