WOW, One of the best I’ve ever read

Don’t just read what I have copied here. Go to the link and read every word!!!

Facing Up to the Enormity of Our Problem

“The entire moral and intellectual structure of the West has rotted out from within, over the course of generations.  Winning elections is still valuable — as is choosing the most principled candidates.  (The two are not contradictory goals, contrary to the delusions of the entrenched political establishment.)  But winning elections, even with good candidates, cannot solve the West’s existential crisis.  The divide this time is not tempered with a measure of long-developed moral common ground.  Two fundamentally opposed views of life are represented, and the side of reason and decency is by far the outnumbered force.”

“The modern left’s anti-rational, anti-virtuous, anti-individualist superstructure must be destroyed, mercilessly and thoroughly.  It took generations for this brilliant scheme of reassuring repression — soft despotism — to be wound around the West, like spider’s silk around its paralyzed prey.  It might take generations to unravel it.  The alternative to this fight, however, is to sit passively by as the world enters a new dark age.”

“This is going to be hard, and it is going to take much longer than the American Revolutionary War, for reasons I have explained above.  But we can win, and we will win.  Time is not on our side; but truth is.”

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