Those darn selfish preppers, why do they keep trying to get me to prep, while their hoarding everything?

Preppers: Are You Sinister, Selfish or Morally Depraved?

“I leave everyone with this thought about who is actually selfish and morally off:

Is it the person who demands sparkling jewelry and other trinkets, expensive gadgets, flashy automobiles, designer clothes and shoes that run in the hundreds of dollars, Christmas gifts (lots of them) in the most elegant wrapping paper – in other words a total superficial “look at what I’ve got” attitude?

OR, is it the prepper/survivalist who spends resources on food, storage units, self defense, everyday necessities, safe secure places to retreat to during emergencies, warm clothes and blankets, and practical items so their family will not have to suffer – in other words a lifestyle of simple pragmatic saving for tomorrow in which family members self sacrifice for each other out of caring for each other’s well being?

You be the judge of who in society is selfish and who is lacking in moral and spiritual character.”

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