Zombie Elephants


The GOP is still walking around today. Rambling to and fro, staggering from their recent loss in the elections. We still hear their leader espousing their version of liberal ease. And yet, they are dead and don’t even know it. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny to watch.

I’ll bet the Democrats/Socialists/Statists/Progressives are laughing their proverbial tails off right now. To See Congressman Boehner dancing on their strings has got to be delightful for them. The true extent of the Democrat victory is amazing. The capitulation is complete. It is made evident by Boehner’s continuing “Thank you sir, may I have another” attitude. How blind to reality can a group of people be? Oh yeah, I just remembered the American people. Sorry, I digress. The Republicans are dead, they just haven’t laid down yet. And just like any zombie, all that’s left is the rotting. The death-blow didn’t come from a lost election, they’ve been dead for a long time now. The last election was simply the point of realization for many who had placed their hope in them.

The real question is: What do we conservatives do now?

First, I think we need to stop supporting people we don’t really support. The act of supporting someone you don’t really support is ludicrous, yet it is exactly what we have been doing. Supporting people we don’t really support is what led us to where we are today. By voting for them, you are lending them legitimacy. Your legitimacy, since you voted for it.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, to support evil is evil. To support a liberal, republican party is wrong if you’re a conservative. Let us start by searching (effort) out conservative candidates who truly believe in conservative values. Sure we will lose some elections, maybe a lot of them, but we are losing now even when we win.

How do you tell what they believe? Well first off they don’t need a teleprompter, because they speak from the heart. It will take an effort to do this. Yesterday I linked to an article written by Brandon Smith over at Alt-Market.com. In the article Brandon points out how Rep. Allen West of Florida, turned out to be a proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. A supposed Tea-party darling, supposed conservative, Rep. West, after being elected, voted time and again for big government.  Brandon then puts forth the idea that Rep. West lost because he was abandoned by conservatives. I think he is absolutely correct. I know for a fact conservatives are abandoning the republican party because I’m one of them. I tell people; Ronald Reagan made me a republican and George W. Bush made me an independent again. When I heard G. W. Bush say “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system”, at that moment, I knew there was no real difference between the republicans and democrats. This last election I struggled with the fear of another four years of Obama. I struggled with the republican attempts at manipulating me by their “Lesser of two evils” argument. It is actually the “lesser of two evils” argument that helped wake me up. I asked myself the question; “Isn’t the lesser of two evils still evil?” My conclusion was yes. I had also determined a few years back, I was going to stand for what is right, no matter the consequences. As a result I did not vote for the republican or the democrat nominees. Nor will I again, unless there is a real return to conservative values.


If we will do this, that is, pull our strength away from them, it will steal away their attempt at legitimacy and weaken them substantially. Yes, we may lose, but like I said we are losing anyway, even when we win, since both sides do not hold conservative values. As we do this, we will also see the continued decline of our country as we fight to take it back. What I am proposing at least gives us a chance at victory without blood shed. Continuing on the current path leads only to war. If we continue on the path they have laid out for us it will most assuredly lead to our demise as a republic. If we continue on their path, they will continue to establish their police state and we will continue to lose our freedoms. And they will be using our legitimacy to do it. That way leads toward civil war for sure and quite possibly dictatorship. Maybe by quitting them now we can weaken the liberal agenda espoused by both sides enough to establish a new, truly conservative party and pull us back from the brink of destruction.


Boehner Orchestrating the GOP’s Demise

“Boehner the Boneless Wonder’s beta dog routine is doing much to deep-six the Party of Lincoln. Hyperbole? Don’t grumpy grassroots conservatives grouse incessantly that establishment Republicans are screwing the — well, putting it more politely, screwing it up and that the Grand Old Party will go the way of the pterodactyl?

For the insulated tin-eared prowlers of the halls of Congress (Boehner being chief), hear this: The times, they have a-changed — radically so. The context is dramatically different today than America before the Hugo Chavez-in-chief wanna-be in the White House, the august and empurpled Barack Hussein Obama, took the nation’s reins (“On Dancer, on Comet, on Boehner!)

As of this writing, there’s been no stout opposition — no bold proclamation of principles, no declaration of a fight for limited government and liberty — from the speaker in the teeth of the president’s insistence to tax the lights out of “rich” Americans (and, shhh!, every other working American, too, eventually). Boehner and his lackey GOP colleagues remind the history-minded of the French in the face of the Nazi blitzkrieg: throw up those white flags before the speaker’s perfect hair is mussed.” J. Robert Smith

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