I can’t and I won’t. (Submit that is)

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Our blood on their hands

Warning, Some bad language

Why should I die for you?

 Why should I die for you?
My life is it dear to me as anyone elses.
My fears also shake me, just like anyone else.
Do we not have the same dreams, the same desires?
What is it about us that people could look at us, and label us the same?
Our loves and our hates, as different as they may be, inspire us equally in our own way.
The end result for all of us will be the same.

(Quoted from Knuckledraggin my life away– This post illustrates how most patriots desire to react when others rights are being trampled.

Follow them at a discreet distance and when they get to where they’re going, pull out your rifle, assume a good firing position and commence to shooting the motherfuckers.

Strong feeling among the patriots. Mutual aid, Mutual defense. Side by side.  A common feeling. Were tired of watching on the sidelines as one family after another gets their doors and their faces kicked in. )

But ….you chose this outcome, I did not. All those who were not only complacent but complicit.
Perhaps you see some goal that I am  unable to see? A world where our absolute slavery is not guaranteed? You might get up and go to work every day, take your kids to the movies, have dinner with your wife, but you only do that by the grace of the higher power. Because they don’t have a reason to take it away…yet.
And if that is so, why should I stand against it for your own protection?

Why should the sheepdog battle the Wolves for the life of a sheep that has willingly offered itself up as a meal?
Why should a patriot stand on the firing line against tyranny when just as many bullets will be coming at them from the back?
I wrestle frequently with my part in these issues.
Everything in me screams to stand and fight.

But for every one of us who turns their eyes toward the light of truth, tens of thousands laugh and smile as they bathe in the riches of a dying nation.
Kerodin asks again what should be done with such people?

Live and let live?
TPTB will let you live. As long as you play the game, do what you are told, and wash your hands in pontius’ cup.
Meanwhile peoples lives are being destroyed by false charges, regulations and media puke.
And the majority of the country is not just watching it happen, they are happily voting it in.

People in this movement like TL Davis, CA, Craig, Trainer, Wirecutter, Kerodin, Janos, MissV, Brock, Ironwill, David and dozens of others willing put themselves out there, name and face, because they have seen the path were walking and like lighthouse keepers, are desperately signalling to change course before we wreck on the rocks.

You can only throw so many lines to a drowning man.
TL has frequently expressed his frustration, often in disbelief of how we are willing to continue living in our rat cages in comfort while the mortar is stripped inch by inch from our foundation.

Read his latest here

He is right folks. No cavalry is coming. No Ron Paul Jesus, no American Martyr to smite at the heart of the enemy.
We are it.
And we are populated with a bunch of infantile fools who would rather post funny names and giggle than contribute a single punch in the fight to restore liberty.
So why should I stand up? Why should I fight for a country that you no longer want?

It’s simple. I can’t acquiesce to that lifestyle. I can’t live being watched, weighed, measured, counted and controlled.
Not wont. Can’t.
I’ve made my choice. And like TL, I wait. For..? Well, I guess we’ll just see.

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