The tactics they use. Why and how.

Below is a link to an article I found over at The Arctic Patriot.

Arctic Patriot said this about it: “It’s about a Presbyterian denomination, but the tactics and strategies, if you look at them, are the same ones that modernists use everywhere they go, from government, to churches, and society in general. I found the piece very informative. Doctrine does matter, and “growth” at the expense of truth is an insidious evil.”

I agree. It is not very long, two pages and yet as Arctic Patriot said, informative.

Christian Reconstruction, published by The institute of Christian Economics.

How Presbyterians lost the battle.

“After a detailed study of the theology, strategy, and tactics of the modernists, I have come to some preliminary conclusions about how they did it. More than this: I think I have
been able to discover a strategy which they successfully used to capture not only the northern Presbyterians but virtually all the mainline denominations except the Missouri
Synod Lutherans.”


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