Anti-Semitism at completely ridiculous heights

There is a story on the web today by the nation of Sudan claiming the nation of Israel has been spying on them using a live vulture. The vulture had a solar-powered GPS system that could transmit by satellite, distance and altitude readings. The bird also had a leg tag that said: “Israel Nature Service” and “Hebrew University, Jerusalem”. A spokesman at the Israel Nature and Parks Authority admits they released 100 such birds in October related to a study.

Recently someone bombed a missile factory in the Sudan. It was probably Israel since the factory was owned by Iran and was supplying missiles to Hamas in Gaza that were being shot into Israel on a daily basis. So the leaders in Sudan are angry and blame Israel for the attack. (Well, as a side note, if you attack me and I retaliate, I would say you have only yourself to blame, but I ramble.) Sudan is claiming the vulture is evidence of an Israeli plot to spy on them. This vulture had no ability to transmit anything visually. Also, remember these birds fly where they want too, based on instinct. Laugh Out Loud!

Israel is the only country in the world that has received daily attacks, for years and then is demonized when they defend themselves. Israel has a history in their land older than 3000 years and then is told they must except that the land belongs to someone else. Arab countries in the recent past have kicked out thousands of so-called Palestinian people because of their terroristic activities. These people, who are really Arab people who started calling themselves “Palestinian” in the early twentieth century, are trying to use their plight to claim a homeland. The plight of these people can be rightly laid at their own feet and the feet of their fellow Arabs. And yet the world continually tries to blame the nation of Israel for this situation.

I recently took a blog site off my blog list because of just this kind of lie. This young gentleman on his videos, demonstrating his complete lack of understanding of history, is claiming that Israel is guilty of “Genocide” against the Palestinian people and has “stolen” their homeland. This is not true. The Israeli’s, who themselves were the victims of real genocide by the Roman’s in their land in 70 A.D. have owned this land for over 3000 years. Defending yourself is not genocide. Especially when you really are under attack day in and day out, month after month, year after year, by a people whose only desire is an unworldly hatred to destroy you.

I believe the outrageous, ridiculous claims, such as those regarding the vulture above and the young gentleman I mentioned before, demonstrate that what we are really dealing with is a satanic hatred of the Israeli people and our Lord giving these hate filled people over to a reprobate mind. You cannot reason with them, you can only defend yourself.

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