Gun ownership debate

In the video I’ve linked to below, some of the logical arguments for gun ownership are demonstrated brilliantly by Mr. Larry Pratt of GOA while debating Peirs Morgan, who is an anti-gun ownership proponent and has a cable platform on CNN to espouse his beliefs. Mr. Morgan’s collapse into the typically progressive response when defeated mentally by the lucid, well-thought out arguments presented by Mr. Pratt are classic. Mr. Morgan, some what deceitfully, attempts to compare the U.S. gun murder rate to the murder rate in the U.K. In this scenario, painted by Mr. Morgan, the U.S. rate is higher and if left at that, the argument seems to favor gun control. Yet, bring in a lucid, topically educated person and the results are much different. Mr. Pratt points out the fact that the only place this is true in the U.S. is in the cities and states where guns are restricted. The gun murder rate in U.S. areas where there is gun freedom then becomes UK-3%, compared to US-.03%. This is a dramatic difference and Mr. Morgan can’t handle it.

All of this is especially interesting to me in light of the fact that Mr. Morgan’s own country, the UK has just been determined to be the most violent country in all of Europe. Remember, this is a country where private gun ownership is outlawed.

league of shame

Mr. Morgan then degenerates into name calling simply because his arguments don’t hold water when placed up against the facts as Mr. Pratt so eloquently demonstrates in the discussion. Mr. Morgan attempts several times to use his tired, old, tactic of asking nonsensical questions to appear well versed in the topic being discussed. His questions on the surface appear to be related and yet when thought out, often are irrelevant. Mr. Pratt subtly points out how ridiculous Mr. Morgan’s questions are with a practiced ease. If the topic of our liberty and the loss there of was not so serious, Mr. Morgan would be laughable.

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