I concur!

Musings After Midnight–A war-less, bloodless coup is still a coup, and we have been seized

“And if you happen to be a anti-gun bigot, a gun control nut, reading this right now, let me be as clear as I can possibly be to you. We will never disarm. You are not getting our guns, period. We will resist. We will fight you to the death. You will have to kill us before you get one single concession of liberty guaranteed to us by our Founders.

Are you willing to do that? Are you ready for the fallout? If you and your jackbooted government hit squads fire on us first, it is “Katy, bar the door.” All bets are off, and it will be war in the streets. Are you ready for such blood shed all because you want our guns?

We are not going to start a war. We have vowed that many times. We will never fire first. But if you fire on us, we will finish what you start. You had better be ready before you start down that path.

This is about much more than guns. This is about Constitutional rights as a whole. We will not stop until we take back what you have robbed from us. We WILL restore Constitutional law in this nation one way or another. THAT is a promise.

And woe be unto you who defy our Constitution. You are a traitor and a tyrant. And that Constitution spells out in no uncertain terms the legal recourse that is to be carried out against all of those who defy that Constitution.

You had best think through your position and come to a more reasonable conclusion.”

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