Here is a link to one of those articles that are so full of great information and ideas to help us understand why we should think, react , and respond a certain way to things like gun control. I could not choose which part to quote on this blog because it was so full of good stuff I just could not pick. If you want to understand why the gun issue is so important and why people like me will not submit, this is a good article to read. Of course we are living in a clear Biblical time when evil is called good and good is called evil and I believe our people have been given over to a reprobate mind, so most won’t get it and many will respond violently to the truth. All I can do is try to be faithful toward God in the things that I say and pray that their eyes will be opened to the knowledge of the truth and they will there by be set free from the snare of the devil. CR

Gun Control Tramples On The Certain Virtues Of A Heavily Armed Citizenry

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