If we no longer are governed by the Constitution of the United States, If banks are no longer restricted by the laws of our country and states, if banks are no longer regulated by the agreements we made with them when we opened our accounts. Then, WE ARE NO LONGER A NATION OF LAWS!

A time of lawlessness is upon us. We don’t want it, it has been forced upon us and the sooner we realize it the better, otherwise, they will eliminate us one by one. I have decided I will not submit to a government that holds me accountable to a series of unreasonable, unrealistic, unfair laws while living outside of the law themselves, while setting a different standard for them and their friends, while setting a different standard for those of their same mind and make others criminal. We are the proverbial frogs in the pot and the heat is being turned up. It is time to jump!

If you do business with Bank of America, I am recommending that you eliminate it. There are accounts of people in the fire arms industry that BOA has illegally frozen. This should matter to you no matter which side you are on in the current gun issue debate taking place in our country. They are acting out side of the law, which should concern all Americans. Remember, when they come after someone else and you don’t stand up for their freedoms, then when they come after you, those people won’t be there to help. If the constitution is no longer law, if the laws regulating a banks actions and the agreements you had with them when you opened your accounts are no longer effective, then we are no longer a nation of laws and it is the law that protects each of us. If you don’t believe this then I guess you are on your own. If you do not have your own money, in your own possession, then it is not really yours and people who disagree with you can do what ever they want with it. If you don’t believe this then it really is time to pull your head out of the sand and do some research.


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