The scales of justice are out of balance

I’m going to start this short essay off with a video that I linked to a couple of days ago. The sooner you get your mind around this fact the better; you are dead and only alive through Christ. Then will realize you really have nothing to lose! Your fear will disappear! It’s called Faith.

Scales_of_justice  : Justice on white background, vector illustrationWhat is!

Here is a sentence out of an article about one man stabbing another man because the first man thought the second man was flashing gang signs, when what he was doing was using sign language.

“Neal was arrested by police and charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury, and felony assault on a handicapped person.”

As I contemplated the need for the three charges, it occurred to me the man doing the stabbing was charged with three different charges that are all basically the same. Why? Because our court system doesn’t take one charge seriously, there by forcing the community through its prosecutors and police force to apply as many charges as possible, even if they are all the same. Saying the same thing three different ways looks and sounds worse than saying it once, even though it is intellectually dishonest. This dishonesty may come from a desire for justice or from an attitude of “the bad guy is my enemy, so I’m going to get him.” It is like someone lying to you and then you saying: “He lied,” “He didn’t tell the truth,” “He was being dishonest.” All the same and yet three charges. Man, three charges, We got you now!

It is a sign of the times we live in. A time of pansy, liberal judges who place their agenda above the law. Who place their ideology above the truth. The desire of the attacker as more important than the wounds of the attacked. They are able to do this because they are not held accountable for their actions. People don’t voice their opinions, they don’t question outside of their own mind because of fear. They are afraid because our enemy attacks whenever we speak up in an attempt to keep us quiet! So our society degenerates a little more each and every time.

You cannot trust our legal system for justice today. There are different standards for the elite vs. the peasants. There is a different legal standard for the victim and the perpetrator. There are different standards for the sensational vs. the mundane. We clearly live in a time of WROL (Without Rule of Law)!

Scales_of_justice  : Lady of JusticeWhat should be!

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