While you are doing this, you lost your country, Oh, and your children!

Here is a post I found over at Battlefield USA in its entirety. It explains what is going on in our country today. It explains why they won’t come and take your guns away from you. What they will do is just turn you into a felon with the stroke of a pen. It explains why you won’t do anything about it and I’ve simplified that reason at the end of this little paragraph. We are losing our liberties because we, as a people, are doing nothing to stop it. It is not about guns, it is about freedom. And you keep going to work, keep sitting at your computer, keep complaining, keep taking the kids to their dance lessons, you keep watching the game, and DO NOTHING! Your children are really going to appreciate you in the future, aren’t they. NOT! Our enemy has our schools, our media, our government, our corporations. What do you have? Actually a lot, but your to much of a coward to use it. All those things you say you want to teach to your children so they will be the right kind of person when they grow up? Ain’t gonna happen! Just have the guts to look in the mirror and admit it!

You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community. – Hitler

There will be no frontal assault…

No. They are not going to come after your guns. Not directly anyways. They are not going to do a direct assault on your front door. MexiKaliForniKation already has an “Assault Weapons” ban, yet hardly anyone turned in their “assault weapons” or registered them. No, they are sitting in dark corners of closets and gun safes that don’t see the light of day except to be cleaned… if ever. The 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act did not compel millions to turn in the “assault weapons.”

No. They are cowering you. Law, after law, after law. Laws that your children will grow up in. Laws that your children will be accustomed to. Programmed to. Growing up into the new camp one generation at a time. You… yourself, have grown up in laws that your grandfather may have scoffed at. And they in turn grew up in laws that their grandfathers scoffed at. The wheels of tyranny maybe turning slowly, but the wheels are turning none the less.

We are NOT our grandfathers. Our grandfathers were not their grandfathers. See where this is going? Where do you think it will end?

Go buy a gun from the Sears and Roebucks catalog? Go buy a gun without a NICS? Take out your once legal, now illegal gun, to the gun range?

A little here, a little there… and here we are. Controlled.

Sure… probably most will not turn in their newly found “illegal” weapons. Most will probably not register their newly found “illegal” weapons. But is that the point? Or is control the point? You may never get caught with those newly found “illegal” weapons, but if you do, welcome to the felony club… and all your guns, legal and “illegal” confiscated. No, all those newly found “illegal” guns will sit in a dark closet or gun safe… regulated and dared to see the light of day.

What if they started a revolution and there was no one to fight? What if they decreed one citizen control law after another, and no one fought back? How many people are sitting in prison right now for something that our Founders would have scoffed at? And of those who are sitting in prison right now for breaking some government diktat that never should have seen the light of day… where are their champions of justice and liberty?

Government is instituted on the threat of violence. Trauma based predictive programming. Here we are.

They have you sitting in the corner saying to yourself… IF, the government comes through my door, I will fight back. There will not be another Ft. Sumter… of which they are counting on. We will not fight back unless our government perpetuates mass violence upon us… of which they won’t, at least not anytime in the foreseeable future. It is all scare tactics. And it is working. It has worked. And it will continue to work… as it has worked. What proof do you need? Here we are. You are not your grandfather. You grandfathers were not their grandfathers. Death by a thousand government diktats… and barely is a shot fired.

Do you get it now?


We’re just waiting for the impending doom!

The old fallback.

The wheel will keep on turning… A little here, a little there. And your grandchildren will not be their grandfathers… the generational camp. Here we are.

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