Our Dear Leader!

Speaking of the Constitution of the United States of America:

“It is a great mistake to suppose that the paper we are to propose will govern the United States. It is the men whom it will bring into the government and their interest in maintaining it that are to govern them. The paper will only mark out the mode and the form. Men are the substance and must do the business.” John Francis Mercer, delegate to the Constitutional Convention.

We HAVE to elect people who think correctly!!! And the only way that will happen is through PROPER education!!!! Watch the David Barton /Glenn Beck video below, it will prove that I am correct.

Image from The Blaze

President Obama ” 85 laws (through congress) signed by the president last year, more than 40,000 made by administrative process” through the Federal Registry.

Anything Obama dictates through executive order or several other ways, is placed in the Federal Registry and becomes law, if not challenged within 90 days. I country is currently lost in a dictatorship and YOUR representatives are allowing it to happen. The REAL problem is with Congress, They FLAT OUT are NOT doing what they are supposed to do. What they are supposed to do is “Check and Balance” the other branches. They are not!

Put your own Senator’s and Congressman’s picture here:

Having said all of this, the problem is US! WE have let evil take control of our school system and they have successfully separated us from our Founding Fathers and our people let them. And with the people is where the REAL power lies. We LITERALLY have become irrelevant!

Go down and watch the video linked below, it is a great lesson on the Constitution and what is happening in our government.


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