It is better to question and be wrong, than to not question at all

The absurdity of punishing a boy just for being a boy has grown rampant in our school systems today. Have you ever wondered why? Why is it usually the boy who is the problem? This is happening for variety of different reasons, but one of the many problems in our schools today is the attempt to dominate our children through tyrannically control. And particularly to dominate our boys, since girls, often times are much more compliant to authority due to the responder nature of the feminine attributes created in them by God. I know this can be hard for some people to hear but God is God and He gets to decide and this is the way He created things. Get over it and go repent.

If you think about it, the schools trying to control our young men makes perfect sense, if you realize we are in the middle of a war between good and evil. Young men are the real, long-term threat to any government trying to control its people. The school systems are trying to condition our young men not to think like men and to submit to their systems authority. I’ve seen this many times through the years with my boys in the public school system. I thank God, for the foresight to teach my young men to think critically on their own and to question authority. In our society today, the public school system does everything it can to try to eliminate these characteristics. Working with my children and particularly with my boys, in this regard has culminated in my seventeen year old son (the youngest boy of three) having the courage to look his teachers and principal in the eye and say ” You can do whatever you think you have to do, but I am not doing what you are telling me to do!”

Of course, it is important for your young man to act like this only in response to teacher and/or principal authoritarian over reach, which can be difficult for a younger man to recognize, unless they have been taught to recognize this sort of behavior. So for this to be successful, you have to teach this to them. I’m very proud of my son considering what is going on today in our world, it wasn’t always so successful with my older boys. I am of the opinion it is better to question and be wrong, than to not question at all. To not question is being a “Sheeple” and we are dying because we have way to many “Sheeple” in our society today. The schools want our boys to behave like little girls and they can’t. That’s not how God created them! They are created with a warrior spirit in their chests and you can not change that fact. So, what the schools try to do is force compliance and that takes tyranny or drugs. They tried to get my family to drug our boys when they were young, but we refused. The schools didn’t like it, but tough for them. All these years, the schools where my children have attended, have been forced to deal with critically thinking, authority questioning, young men and the schools have always struggled with that.

You see, when you don’t understand how God created men and woman and you live in a society out of balance and emphasizing the soft attributes, to an absurd level, these sort of issues are what you have to deal with. It’s just the way things are when you are out of balance and reject the Creator. Today, there is no way on earth I would have my young man in the public schools system. I would be home schooling this young man in the video below and teaching him how he is created in the image of the Great and Wonderful Creator of the universe. The male attributes of our God are King, Warrior, Mentor and Friend! That’s what this young man needs to be taught. I wonder where Dad is? He is certainly not in the video. Oh, woe to us, for the lack of father’s casting this vision before the eyes of our young men! CRLynn

Found at Alt-market

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