This young man’s attitude was out of line and yet understandable after what had happened to him, if he is telling the truth. He was disrespectful. And yet it is the thug police officer who escalated the event and got in the young mans face, not this young man as the lying police officer forces the young man to say. Please, notice how these arrogant police officers continue to degrade the young man as they talk at him. Thugs, Thugs, every where! There certainly is no difference between either party in this video, except one side has been given authority by the community and has an obligation to set a high standard for the community and fails miserably at it, and yet, we should be able to expect a higher standard from law enforcement. The sad truth is, we can’t.

Here is more info regarding this story and the dept. spokesman avoiding public accountability using the age-old story of “I can’t discuss personnel matters.” The dept. spokesman is lying, he absolutely can share any disciplinary action or other dept. action regarding this event with the public. Not only can he, they have an obligation to do exactly that! And the thug officer clearly lied in his official report. And then, the S.F. state criminal justice chair then justifies this thug cops actions by stating “Police officers know that if you don’t take control of a situation pretty early on it can easily escalate.” The thug cop is the one who escalated the incident. Part of a police officers responsibility is to de-escalate situations, but clearly that is no longer an expectation, I’m sorry to say. What these thugs want from us is to bow and scrape before their power. THUGS!

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