Two republicans and a democrat

The country is falling apart, a bold face liar sits in the Whitehouse, doing everything he can do to destroy it and these idiots are having a party at the SOTU address. No wonder we find ourselves in this broken down condition. The honest to God lack of leadership in this country is jaw dropping. These guys put those little green ribbons on their lapels to supposedly identify, in public view, with the victims of  gun violence, and then do absolutely nothing to deal with the real issues related to violence, gun or otherwise, in this country. Violence with guns is not the problem, it is the symptom, and it is actually a minor symptom at that. You just think it’s the main problem because the MSM keeps telling you to think that way. Look at the statistics and see for yourselves if you don’t believe it, instead of continually believing whatever you are spoon fed by people with an agenda.

In our country today the lack of a moral people, including and especially these clowns, is killing our country. And just as the Roman leaders used the circus and bread to appease the uninformed masses during their day, all the while destroying the empire. Today we have television (SOTU; full of clowns and fantasy) and welfare/unemployment to appease our people. And our people are too ignorant to realize it, having themselves come out of an educational system that fails in every aspect to teach people how to think for themselves.

I wonder, is there are lamp posts somewhere in the future with these guys names on them? I don’t know, but you simply cannot, honestly believe, with a straight face, that this corrupt system can be turned back toward right, short of a miracle from God.

Some Congress Members Wear Green Ribbons in During State of the Union Address

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