You will either make them quit, die trying, or live under their rules. You have no other options.


An interesting piece on the future of America. I’m not sure I agree completely with his time lines, but that’s okay since we’re talking about very complicated subject matter and no one knows for sure. In our country, I personally think we are looking at the potential for general social unrest as early as this summer. This will not necessarily be revolution, but it would be much sooner than Partisan seems to believe. This could easily lead to tyranny/revolution in a much quicker time frame than partisan seems to think. In his article, Partisan basically says he agrees with this possibility, depending on events, so there is really no disagreement between him and I. It’s maybe, from my perspective just  greater clarification of my interpretation, no offense is meant on my part. No one knows for sure, these are just best guesses based on a lot of research on each of our parts.


Revolution Probability Timeline

cabinLast week I made a short jaunt over to a retreat location of one of my dad’s friends.  He showed my dad and me around his shop where he works as a polymer engineer and then showed me his beautiful home on the river.  (Not actually pictured for OPSEC reasons.)  In addition to being incredibly intelligent, he is incredibly prepared.  He invited us back to shoot one day and I’ll just have to take him up on that offer.

It was a good experience for my dad who’s done little to prepare.  He’s slowly coming around.  I can literally see the lights coming on inside his head.  As we made the 3-hour journey back home, we had a great talk about the federal regime, tyranny, liberty, resistance and revolution.

He’s incredibly fatalistic about the possibly of a successful resistance forcing regime replacement and a U-turn in tyrannical federal policies.  Like many, he simply doesn’t believe it can be done.  Like most, he has no experience in warfare and doesn’t understand exactly how it works.  War is an insanely simple concept: you kill your opponents without dying in the process.  It’s just much harder to perform.

“They’ll just be able to drone bomb any opposition into submission,” he complained.  Yes, but you can’t enforce laws through the air.

Soft Power.

The federal regime is going to selectively engage America.  They won’t always use force.  In fact, much more often than not, they will use soft power.  Hard power is the invading force; it’s the iron fist and the sword.  Soft power is the velvet glove on the iron fist; it’s force with a smile.

Look at how China is ‘invading’ Africa and South America.  Those continents have untapped natural resources and China needs them.  Stratfor estimates that since 2010, China has invested over $100 billion into 26 African nations.  They’re building and investing in oil rigs, refineries, mining projects, agriculture projects, and clean water projects, among others.  From 2005 to 2011, China spent an estimated $75 billion in Latin and South American countries.  It’s no secret that China cozies up to these nations but let me ask you this: at what point does a foreign investment become a liability?  If these nations become practically dependent upon Chinese “investments”, what’s to stop China from turning off the spigot until these nations’ outward behavior aligns with Chinese interests?


The current federal regime won’t conquer Americans with bullets but with welfare checks and federal entitlement benefits.  They’ll flood the streets with printed money until most Americans are literally dependent on federal welfare (almost there?).  In a handful of states, there are more citizens on welfare than who have full-time jobs.  Future job growth won’t be spurred through private enterprise but through federal work and dole.  Just as China will manipulate and influence other nations to achieve their will, so will the federal government.  Unearned “entitlements” is a liability for the nation but an asset to the federal regime.  They are this administration’s soft power and through these means are they conquering the nation.  We’re entering a time of reverse discrimination; not necessarily based on race but on class and ideology.  We’re seeing the demonification of ‘greed’ where the idea of keeping what you earn is immoral.  The Constitution is being portrayed as anachronistic; a document produced as the result of an antiquated time of racism and inequality.  That, somehow, we can achieve total equality – a classless society (Marxist utopia) – by removing the barriers to equality: private wealth and a republic based on the rule of law.  They are ‘fundamentally transforming’ this nation.


It’s incumbent on Patriots everywhere to make preparations now to join the resistance.  In some places, you will have to fight for your liberty, security, and wealth.  Frederic Bastiat first identified ‘legal plunder’ where governments legally plunder the wealth of a nation through the law.  Current and future legal plunder laws – which include the plunder of a nation’s private arms! – are plainly unconstitutional but that will not be a deterrent to future legislation or executive orders.  Short of stopping legislation, our only other recourse is to make them come into our states, our counties, our communities, and our homes and enforce their unconstitutional laws.  Our task is extraordinarily simple: resist, sabotage, hamper, and aggravate.  Make the pain of enforcing tyranny too great for them to handle.  As long as money is a weapon, diversify out of it.  As long as the financial system is a weapon, diversify out of it.  As long as federal control of technology (internet) is a weapon, diversify out of it.  In our communities, create ‘denied territory’.  There were places in Iraq and Afghanistan where we just didn’t go.  For all our might, the insurgents denied us mobility there.  You will either make them quit, die trying, or live under their rules.  You have no other options.  Repeat the mantra: for every crime that goes unresisted there will be two more like it.  For every resistance that occurs, there will be two reprisals.

Probability timeline.

My dad asked me how probable a resistance/revolution was to happen, and how probable it was to succeed.  Probability of success is largely regional but the larger the areas of resistance, the larger collective probably exists.  (It’s much easier to put out just one house fire than an entire subdivision of homes on fire at the same time.)  For much of America, the probability of success is much less than 50 percent.  Parts of America are near zero percent and no part of America is a hundred percent.  Firstly, creating an accurate timeline probability is virtually impossible.  I’m merely giving you my own thoughts and reasoning why a revolution won’t start tomorrow.  There are endless factors to consider and I barely hit the high points.  My timeline probability for nationwide resistance/rebellion/revolution is as follows, predicated on our nation’s current trajectory.  A quickened arrival of outlawing or registry of personal firearms, presidential eligibility issues, economic collapse, police state expansion, or federal regime tyranny will significantly accelerate the timeline.

Time: Probability of Occurrence

In less than four years: Less than 30%. There are currently massive ammo shortages and large portions of the Patriot population who remain virtually unarmed and untrained.  In short, the nation is as unprepared as the federal government.  I don’t believe Patriots will initiate violence and there are currently few reasons for armed retaliation.  Colonial Patriots endured years of tyranny before revolution became the very last viable option.  As long as we still wield – or are under the perception that we still wield – power through the vote, there will be no significant violence.  We might see armed conflict overseas with those Iranian and North Korean black swans circling on the horizon.  A new war, especially against those nut jobs, is going to take some heat off this revolution talk.  But in less than four years, we’ll have another election and, barring the re-re-election of the current president or election SNAFUs, there will be no significant violence because his successor’s policies are still unknown.  In two years, we have Congressional elections.  If Republicans take the Senate and keep the house, this administration is likely dead in the water.  Therefore, an armed rebellion is a permanent solution to a potentially temporary problem.  Who knows, a Republican president could quash all or most talk of armed rebellion.  With the exception of an event outlawing private firearms, a violent resistance/revolution within four years is not likely.

5-9 years: 50%. In five to nine years, I think we’re getting into some pretty dire economic times.  We might even be involved in yet another war or low-intensity conflict.  Aside from that, I think we’re looking at massive inflation; maybe even a hyper-inflationary depression.  If a Republican is elected, I think many Patriots will become complacent and this talk of revolution dies down.  The leftists might even catch up in the arms race and talk of violent rebellion.  Imagine Occupy Wall Street with a few ‘assault rifles’.  But if another statist is elected, I see things really heating up.  This is the time horizon where many Americans are waking up and getting serious about deposing an incompetent (or purposefully destructive) and tyrannical dictator.  If a politician with Obama’s Marxist policies is elected, I think we stand a 50/50 shot at getting organized and resisting higher taxes, asinine unconstitutional laws, jackbooted federal thugs, and martial law.  A violent resistance/revolution in five to nine years is possible.

10-19 years: ~90%. In ten or more years, we’re in really bad times.  Assuming that our current deficit continues, in ten years we’re looking at nearly $30 trillion in national debt (a $1.1T national deficit times 10 brings us to a total of $27T in national debt but I expect our deficit to grow).  No country in their right minds will be loaning us money and the Federal Reserve will be pumping trillions into the economy.  That’s their plan; it’s the Bernanke Put because they literally can’t stop.  We won’t repay $30 trillion without printing it so hold on to your hats.  The dollar will become virtually worthless and Patriots will absolutely lose it within this time period upon understanding that the nation and its currency have been utterly destroyed.  Continuing down the road of policies that reduce liberty and cripple protections from the constitution, we will have no other choice.  A violent resistance/revolution in ten or more years is likely.

There are few things you can do now to increase the probability of securing your liberty.

One, get your county and state government involved.  It will be virtually impossible to preserve your liberty if your state government is in cahoots with the federal regime.  If your county sheriff is a statist, replace him.  If your county commissioners are statists, replace them.  If your state governor and legislature lean left, replace them.  If you can’t vote them out, then move.

Two, organize your networks now.  You will need facilitators who can source equipment and supplies, and resistance cells who put in work.  Build and expand your tribe.  Get local and get small.  Don’t worry about forming leadership above your cell.  If your leader has a leader, you need to look at breaking off and building a new cell.  VFW and American Legion halls are great places to start building.  The goal isn’t to recruit to your own team; keep it small.  Instead, the goal is to recruit others to start their own resistance teams/cells.  Three to five man teams are ideal.  Smaller groups are preferred over larger ones.  By no means is cooperation discouraged; but in the interest of security, limited cooperation is better.  Make your enemy fight 100,000 wars, each against three people, instead of one war against 300,000.

Three, begin to prepare as if nothing was going to be available.  Pretend grocery and hardware store shelves are completely empty.  How will you get the things you need?  Include food, water, and defensive/tactical items.  Pretend that your home or community was under threat of an invading force.  What would you or your community do if gangs or federal regime stormtroopers began ransacking homes looking for contraband like weapons, ammunition, precious metals, or anything else that you should be able to legally own?  I think we all expect an accelerated agenda going forward.  We need to start accelerating our own liberty and security agendas.


CYA Mode:  This article is a snapshot in time.  Changing conditions could make this timeline completely irrelevant but I believe this timeline to be more or less accurate if we remain on our current trajectory.  If you disagree, by all means comment.  Let me know why I’m wrong.


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