Commisar HQ

Found at: American Mercenary

“Flyers showing up in the middle of the night, you have the bastard’s face on a hundred cameras and you can’t catch him because every time you stop to grab a damn doughnut someone slashes your tires” The politician screamed at the assembled police brass.  “I want them stopped, I want them arrested, I want every cop working a double shift until these terrorist cells are eliminated.”

The Chief of Police, a political animal himself responded with quiet resolve, “Your Honor, you don’t know a god damned thing about eliminating terrorist cells.”

The room went silent, the Mayor, appointed by the Governor who was appointed by someone else, nobody really knew how the whole political appointment thing worked, started turning a deeper shade of red.  “What did you just say?”

In a louder voice, the Chief of Police responded, eyes hard, “Your Honor, you don’t know a god damned thing about eliminating terrorist cells.”

“Fine, you’re fired.”  The Mayor replied.  “Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.”

“It takes a full vote of the City Council to fire me.”  The Police Chief replied evenly.

“Executive Proclamation 137 suspended all duties of the City Council and placed all authority in the office of Mayor until further notice.”  The Mayor responded.  “I repeat your fired, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.”

The Chief stood up and left the room.

“Well, what did that accomplish?”  A Police Captain asked.

“Either you get with the program or you get gone.” The Mayor replied with a smug smile.

“So you fire the one guy on the force who has actual experience in counter terror and counter insurgency work?”  The Captain asked.

“What?” The mayor asked, shaking his head in disbelief.

“The Chief served in SRT when he was an Army MP.  Then he served on a Police Transition Team in Iraq, then Afghanistan for two tours as a Security Force Advisor.”  The Captain said.  “You didn’t bother to read his bio?”

“It doesn’t matter what his experience was over there.” The Mayor grinned, “Here I’m in charge and my people are not illiterate savages or tribesmen.”

“Neither were the Iraqis.”  The Captain replied.

“Bullshit.”  The Mayor replied.  “Any more lip out of you and you’re fired too.”

“Fine.” The Captain said.  “We can do it your way, door to door searches, flash traffic control checkpoints, mandate a curfew in a city where all the food service, medical, and emergency personnel work all hours of the day, and all for what?  A few flyers and some slashed tires?”

“It is disrespectful, it shows contempt for the legitimate government of this city, state, and nation!” The Mayor responded, anger in his voice.

“They haven’t killed anyone.” The Captain said.  “If we respond the way you plan it will escalate the situation.”

“Good.” The Mayor responded. “That way they’ll know we are serious.”

“If we do it your way it is a one way ticket, there is no going back from escalating the violence.”  The Captain replied.  “Every time we roll up an innocent person we run the risk of making pushing more people off the fence and into supporting the other side.”

“Patriotic people support strength, good citizens support security.”  The Mayor quoted the little red book he always kept in his left breast pocket.

“People support strength and security when we knock down the doors of a crack house or break apart a drug cartel.”  The Captain replied evenly.  “They don’t like it so much in their living room.”

“Then the people should not tolerate such disrespect to his excellency.” The mayor replied.  “You have your orders, now go and execute.”

Clearly dismissed the police brass stood to leave, and under someone’s breath, the words, “Ave Caesar, Morituri Saluten” was heard.  The irony was lost on the Mayor who had never studied history before Marx.

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