From: American Mercenary


Kevin took the stack of printed posters and slapped them onto the concrete wall.  Just a simple slogan, “Slaves beg their masters for food and safety.  Free men don’t.”  With a picture of the local cops liberally using a nightstick on a black woman holding an EBT card.Kevin’s face sweated under the rubber mask, one of those full face Halloween jobs.  Adding the rastafarian dreds and rainbow knit hat made the disguise.  Wearing a bulky hoody sweatshirt helped disguise his actual size as well.

The rounds around the neighborhood were quick.  Darkness fought with streetlamps to see who would dominate the terrain.  Kevin walked casually on the sidewalk, quickly spraying the concrete with adhesive and slapping a flyer on top of it.

Never more than ten minutes in any given area, Kevin moved back to the safe house, making sure the security camera across the street watched him go in.  Inside Kevin worked his way to a side alley not covered by cameras, and up a fire escape to enter the third story window of an adjacent building.  Kevin removed his disguise and put the items in a gym bag.  Mask, wig, shoes, hoody, even pants.  When the opposition has cameras everywhere everything needs to be different between disguises.

Kevin put on his other disguise, new shoes, pants, suit jacket, mustache and thicker eyebrows attached with medical adhesive, mole prominent on his left cheek.  Hiding the first gym bag in a utility closet Kevin left the building and calmly walked down the stairs to exit the on the street opposite where he entered.

A police cruiser slowly moved towards Kevin, who checked his watch and moved towards a bus stop down the street to wait for the first of many trips to get across town. The cruiser moved past, Kevin noted the car number in the back of his mind while he put his hat on, hipster book bag slung carelessly across his back.  His early morning commute to college classes gave him a predictable excuse should he need to pull the fake student ID he made to match this disguise.

Two bus hops later Kevin entered another building and switched out of his disguise into his own face.  Clean shaven, respectable looking, he stowed the shoes, pants, shirt, jacket, and cosmetic facial hair and mole into another utility closet.  Having connections to a janitorial service turned out to have some perks.

As a real college student Kevin studied math and physics.  Working for his uncle’sjanitor service three nights a week helped pay the bills, and gave him access to janitor closets in buildings around the city.  Propaganda might be small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, but it gave Kevin something to do other than seethe in anger.

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