The paradigm has shifted. If you don’t recognize that it has, you are in deep trouble!

From: Survival Blog

As Jim Rawles said below. This song is correct, though VERY crude

Denouement of the “austerity” measures in Euope’s southern tier: The plannedseizure of of up to 9.9% of bank account holdings in Cyprus (and the revelation thatGermany and IMF’s initially demanded 40%) revealed a paradigm shift: banksters and bureaucrats are no longer bound by a core tenet of the Social Contract. While for years most of us meekly went along with gradually increasing taxes, we had the solace that one thing was sacrosanct: We only pay taxes on our earnings ONCE. Apparently, this is no longer true. (Yes, Mojo Nixon was right, albeit crude and premature.) My oft-repeated advice: Get out of Dollar-denominated investments and into practical, barterable tangibles. These are our only true safe havens in the era of inflation, over-taxation, and now double-taxation. The advent of double taxation makes it clear that the gloves are off. But so brazenly revealing their true role asplunderers may come back to bite them.

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