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Richard Mack by Gage Skidmore.jpg Sheriff Richard Mack, or Sheriff Mack

Just returned Monday from the conference in Lebanon, Mo. And we had a blast! I went with my lovely wife and several friends, we stayed one night in a motel and two days at the conference. There were over 80 different one hour seminars and 100 exhibits. It was a gun show also, all under one roof. I learned SO much! They were long days and I was beat after each day. But it was well worth the time. I was pleasantly  surprised at the number of AR15’s for sale at the gun show. I also saw several AR’s for less that $800.00, not a bargain, but a little unexpected with all the craziness currently going on around the country. There was hardly any ammo for sale and what was there was expensive. I did find Ar magazines for decent prices.

The seminars covered a variety of topics from chicken and rabbit raising, water purification, where there is no doctor, gardening, radiation detection, and many, many others. Some were eclectic, some very practical, but what do you expect from a bunch of free thinkers!  My favorite seminar was listening to Sheriff Richard Mack. His presentation on the 2nd amendment (which I think was more about the Constitution and the 10th amendment) was exceptional! What I really appreciated was the simple logic that the fight we are involved in is related to federal over-reach and “States rights.” My interpretation, not necessarily his.  This is the same thing the civil war (our 2nd revolution) was fought over! Huh, you thought it was fought over slavery, didn’t you? It wasn’t. Sheriff Mack, using his own experiences fighting federal over-reach and winning at the supreme court, and using Justice Antonin Scalia’s opinion, gave a simple presentation that had a real, practical plan for fighting against what the federal government is doing. I like that. It showed me, simple specific things, that I personally can do to try to stop what is happening! The real fight is a local fight!!! The local Sheriff and officials are key to winning this battle!!!

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, the fight will be hard and will take people getting up off their rear ends and actually doing somethings, instead of just complaining about it. That will be hard to accomplish since most of our people are either completely unaware of what is going on or just want to complain and really do nothing! I was also encouraged by Sheriff Mack’s comments regarding the awakening he is currently seeing take place across our country. According to him, lots of people are waking up! That excites me, since I see no hope for our nation otherwise. An awakening must take place or we are lost and will degenerate into chaos, war, and/or dictatorship! I would definitely recommend that you attend the conference next year if you can. Like I said, I had a blast. CRLynn

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