Travel Light, Freeze at night!

Here is an article by Mosby that is a must read if you pack a bug-out-bag! If you don’t maybe you should think about it.

Found at Mountain Guerrilla

Travel Light, Freeze at Night: Comments and Notes on Packing the Bug-Out Bag/Go-Bag/Patrol Pack

April 5, 2013

Whether you are a potential guerrilla force fighter, living in the hills trying to evade capture and wreak hate and discontent on the enemy, a member of the auxiliary who is smart enough to know that you need to be ready to flee at a moment’s notice, or are simply a guy who wants to be ready to run for a safe retreat area when TSHTF, one aspect of that planning that receives a lot of attention in preparedness circles is the development of the bug-out bag/go-bag/patrol pack/whatever cool name you prefer…..There are dozens of books (actually, I just did a “books” search on Amazon for “bug out bag” and there were 360 hits….). Any forum online that is related to firearms or survival will generally have hundreds of individual threads on what should constitute a good bug-out bag. Read more

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