Nigel Farage is one of my hero’s!

Communist are everywhere! I pray our people recognize that fact before it is to late for our children!

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One Response to Nigel Farage is one of my hero’s!

  1. UncleX(NL) says:

    It’s getting absurd, so many communist. And they know just what is good for us. We don’t agree, but they know everyting better, they hate voting and referendums. I’m from Holland, and we voted NO, we got YES.

    I had a really wise Lt. he used to say:
    “A good communist is a dead communist, communists are the enemy of freedom and democracy, they are dangerous and they are the enemy. Do not capture a communist, shoot to kill!”

    Of course that had been before our army started to take Eurocratic, communist EUSSR orders. From the traitors that sold our country to the EUSSR.
    I don’t think the army does a good job. We pay taxes for the army, so the army can kill communist enemies of the western life-style of freedom.and democracy. (Killing communist should be any free army’s core business)

    How could this communist EUSSR take ove everyting? We did not even fight back!!

    We know the EU in fact has been an old Soviet plan, to introduce a “politically charged” single currency in western Europe. The documents from Vladimir Bukovsky prove that.
    The Soviets knew a single currency had to lead to a single state, and that means you will totally lose democratic controll.

    So when are we going to fight the communists again? I’m Always ready to kill communists, I’m trained, by the government, to do just that!

    So when we are going to fight these communists? You can’t VOTE a communist away!! (they just ignore your vote) I’m ready to join the good guys! (I can’t win a war alone else I would be fighting right now)

    And Nigel Farage is one of the few good guys left in politics in Europe, the rest are communist enemies, that should be killed or captured. (Prefer killed, myself, they are just too dangerous)

    When you can’t vote, you must fight! Please, free counties of the world, liberate us from the EUSSR. (And let me enlist to help, I want to fight communism, I fight for MY freedom)

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