One of the very best articles I have ever read!

A clear and concise demonstration of what BHO and our government is doing, their strategy and tactics, and why the second amendment fight currently taking place in our country is THE fight we have to win. Do you care what is happening and are frustrated with feeling you don’t know what to do? This author gives you real, concrete actions you can take, in the fight against what is going on. I remember when my eyes were first opening to what is happening in our country. I was amazed, sad, frustrated and mad all at the same time. I remember being frustrated as I felt overwhelmed. Frustrated that I didn’t know what to do. I have a friend who was recently lamenting over the situation we find ourselves. Her eyes have recently been opened to the reality of our world and she was longing for the easy days of being blind to the events that are taking place. I remember in one particular conversation as her eyes opened to the truth, she stated “We’re Slaves!” and in a more recent e-mail exchange she asked “What can we do?” This question put me on the spot. I’ve thought about this many times before, struggled with it to be frank. But had never had to comprehensively answer it for someone else’s benefit. I felt compelled to try to answer her sincere question. As I contemplated her question, I came to the realization that I knew quite a few things we can do! In my own life I’ve been practicing many of them for years now. I’ve since put many concrete actions down on paper that I can share with her and her family when I have the opportunity. I currently have about two and a half pages of “things we can do.” Someday soon I hope to share them in this forum, but I think they need a little polishing first. Gotta stay disciplined and follow through, hope someone cares enough to read and hold me accountable to this goal. Anyway, read the article it’s worth the time spent. CRLynn

Found at SurvivalBlog

My Five-Step Plan to Ban Guns in the US Within 10 Years, by Jason H.

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I currently provide consulting services to major global corporations. One effective way to do battle with a competitor is to place yourself in their shoes and plan out your own demise – exactly what I will do here today. Below is my concise strategy to completely ban firearms in the US within 10 years. I am not alone here, rest assured there are many groups that have paid tidy sums to have the same roadmap developed and are currently rolling it out in a very deliberate manner. Read more

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