White guilt is ridiculous!

I will not apologize for being white or for the history of my skin color. Of course my ancestors did some things wrong. EVERYONE’S ancestors did things wrong. It is the history of the ENTIRE human race! And yet, the only race expected to pay for past mistakes is the white race. Well, KISS MY BUTT! It isn’t going to happen. The sooner people trying to bring about reparations, for perceived past wrongs, move past their perceived wrongs, the sooner we as a nation can begin to deal with the REAL problems of today. The young lady in the below video justifies un-regulated European immigration because of some perceived past wrong related to past colonialism!  RIDICULOUS!!! All nations and all people groups, of all colors, DID THE SAME THINGS! With this mentality, no one is guiltless, (unless you just refuse to except what is true, which is a common occurrence today!) With this sort of mentality, we fail, because we never move past the perceived wrong. And the perceived wrong is currently being used to destroy entire people groups in our country today by creating a permanent under class who believes they are owed something for these perceived past wrongs and there by they become easily manipulated. This is what the progressives are doing in cities that are falling apart all across the nation. At one time, it would have been the Egyptians and at another time, it would have been the Turks or the Chinese or etc. The reality is that the people complaining are able to do so because of the current benevolence of the people group being complained about. In the past, they would have simply silenced them with force! By abusing this benevolence they are destroying our nation and as a result destroying the freedom under which their complaining is practiced. I believe it is a mistake to believe that the next powerful people group in charge will be as benevolent! They won’t be! I challenge you to do an internet search on Bill Ayers and see what he thinks will happen in their idea of the future. So a simple Thank you for your benevolence seems appropriate to me and then shut up and move on all ready! CRLynn


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