From Paratus Familia

I agree, if you don’t, then you are a fool with a simple understanding of life!

I Don’t Want Safety – I Want Freedom

Our government is trying to pull a fast one.  They are trying to convince us that their most pressing mandate is to provide the American citizens with the greatest measure of safety possible.  Forget the freedoms mandated by our founding fathers and entrusted to us in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights – SAFETY is the guiding principle of our new Keepers.  Our Keepers are not alone in their carefully conceived deception – they have entreated willing accomplices in the media and the marbled halls of  academia to perpetuate the lie that safety can be bought for the piddling sum of freedom.

Safety and Freedom are incongruent concepts.  Safety is an illusion, a passing ideal.  It is  the calling card of every power-hungry tyrant in the history of our world.  It is the stock-in-trade of every tin-pot dictator.  The promise of safety is the destroyer of freedom in every first-world nation on this earth.  Safety is a deception sold to a gullible people.  Freedom, on the other hand, was established in the hearts of men by their Creator. We crave it.  We fight for it.  We were born for it.  True men understand the eternal value of freedom and will guard and protect it no matter the cost.  They understand that safety cannot be bought, but found in the strong towers of God alone.  They know that freedom is born in our very heart and cannot be traded for a mere illusion.

I don’t want whatever safety our government thinks they can offer us – I want only the freedom that is our birthright.

They can takes our lives….but they can never take our FREEDOM!

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