Anthony Gucciardi

August 19th, 2013
Updated 08/19/2013 at 2:42 am

If you want to talk about real injustice, let’s talk about the case of George Madison Jr. — a black youth pastor and firefighter who was recently thrown to the ground and cuffed by taser-wielding police who construed his friendly wave as a way of ‘flipping them off’.

In a case of true injustice, and not just a media fluff piece turned racial, an innocent man who serves his community was treated like pure scum by the officers within his county. The kind of treatment that  no man should be subject to — especially from ‘public servant’ police officers. And it all started when Evansville, Indiana resident George Madison Jr. was actually trying to show his respect to the very officers that ultimately forced him onto the ground with tasers drawn.

An off-duty firefighter and youth pastor that is familiar with the police in the area, Madison was attempting to be kind to the police officers driving via offering a quick wave. You know, the gesture that signifies a friendly ‘hello’.

Well, as it turns out, the officers were infuriated by the wave. In fact, they thought Madison was flipping them off, AKA giving them the middle finger. Or at least that’s what they say. What happened next was a textbook case of county police turned commando power trippers.

Madison was immediately harassed in what would soon become a major case of abuse. Since Madison had no idea what was going on and actually had somewhat of a friendship with the police chief in the area, he took out his phone to give him a call. The officers absolutely hated this, demanding that he hang up the phone and get on the ground immediately. The second that Madison insisted he be able to call his police chief friend, reports confirm that one officer then took out a taser.


Because a youth pastor on a bike who tried to wave at you is certainly a threat worthy of a taser.

Police cuff pastor.

But it gets worse, Madison explains that the officer was waving the taser inches from his face despite the fact that he was willing to comply with the officer. He even had his hands in the air in a show of submission — something that predatory individuals (police or otherwise) tend to only feed off of. In his recount to The Courier Press newspaper, Madison said:

‘It was literally maybe inches from my face. I immediately threw my hands in the air. What he asked me to do I was more than willing to do.”

After nearly being tased by officers, they finally listened to Madison’s explanation of what went on. When it came out that he was a firefighter and really did know chief Billy Bolin, the officers began to calm down. Can you imagine what they would have done to someone who stood up to them and had no connections?

Far too often the media will cling to a truly false piece of ‘injustice’, such as one surrounding billionaire Oprah’s inability to pass a language barrier in order to purchase an overpriced designer handbag. But in the case of Mr. Madison and others who truly do face situations that are worthy of the terminology, they are completely ignored.

Read more: http://www.storyleak.com/police-force-pastor-to-ground-with-taser-for-waving-at-them/#ixzz2cRT8znNq

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