USA Flag at half-staff

I don’t know about you, but seeing the US Flag at half-staff today broke my heart. I am all for our flag being set to half-staff to honor American Hero’s, but seeing it displayed that way for nelson mandela is wrong. Nelson mandela was not American and worse than that he was a communist/socialist/marxist! Do you have any idea how many of our people have died fighting against the spread of communism/socialism/marxisim? Everyone that died in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam all died fighting communism/socialism/marxism! To see our flag at half-staff for this man is revolting and demonstrates exactly how far we have strayed from our founding principles and just how far our people have fallen it to the oblivion of un-awareness! I would be willing to bet the vast majority of our people haven’t given any thought at all to this, which is demonstrative of the reality of sheepledom. Our people are sheep.

This is you and you don’t even know it:

HD11198 - Metabolic studies - sheep

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