American Liberty: Not the Past, But the Future

Liberty Tree Pictures

Found at: Survival Blog

“I’m not the first one to mention this, but the governance of the United States can be divided into four distinct epochs, delineated as follows:

  1. March 4, 1789: the first day of constitutional government,
  2. April 13, 1861: the first day of un-constitutional government,
  3. December 8, 1941: the first day of non-constitutional government, and
  4. January 20, 2009: the first day of anti-constitutional government.

The past is immutable. We cannot travel back to it, nor can we change it, but the future is something entirely different. The future is a blank slate. We, as God’s creatures with volition, can change the course of history.

I am confident that the American spirit of liberty will not be crushed. With the many recent news headlines about NSA snooping, burgeoning bureaucracies, and the newly-militarized police using bully boy tactics, the future might seem bleak. Yet, we can change it, and change it we must!

I strongly encourage everyone reading this to show some backbone and make a stand for liberty. Just say no to martial law. Use passive resistance, if possible, but do resist, and never give up your final recourse to “…the cartridge box.” Most importantly, don’t just sit still and mute, while watching it happen around you. To paraphrase the leftists: When you see injustice, raise a ruckus. When you see rights being trampled, speak up, and do so vociferously! – J.W.R.”

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