Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Many years ago I was an independent voter. I even voted for Ross Perot the first time Ronald Reagan was elected to the US Presidency. I did this because I wanted real change and I didn’t have much faith in the two-party system at the time. During his first term, Reagan convinced me to join the Republican party. I remained a republican until, in (I believe) 2007, at the beginning of the great recession, I heard George W. Bush say “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.”

As I heard President Bush say this, I immediately realized, without any further doubt, there was NO real difference between the republicans and the democrats. I realized both parties are led by liberal, progressive, socialists who believe in big government, not the small government of the Constitution. I have not voted republican since, nor will I. Ronald Reagan made me a republican and George W. Bush made me an independent again.

I have very good friends who are still vehemently caught up in this false paradigm of republican vs. democrat. They are intelligent people, but they are blind to the truth and therefore continue to contribute to the survival of this false paradigm being used to mislead of country. I find this tremendously sad. These are people who care, people who want to see real change. These are not people who fell for the lie of “Hope and Change” put forth by Barrack Obama. These are people who want REAL change. Godly change. Yet, these are people who continue to fall for the lie that the republicans will save us. They will not! They can not! They will not, nor can not, because the people are the same, on both sides. Evil and corrupt! No doubt about it. And yet, my friends continue to vote the same as they always have, to act the same as they always have, and do as they always have! Expecting and hoping that change will occur and continually being frustrated!

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