The Taste Of Crow

Found at: Christian Mercenary

The gun owners of Connecticut have an opportunity to turn the clock backward on the concept of gun confiscation. The support for them is nationwide and being watched by every Second Amendment advocate across the country. Patriots are watching too and ready to support their efforts with their lives.

The legislature has overplayed their hand. They are accustomed to using law enforcement as thugs sent out to collect protection payments for their nefarious schemes. Some cops are thugs and like the role, but not all of them.

A few things the legislature might want to consider before they reap the whirlwind: the rights they intend to violate are not just those of the gun owners of Connecticut. An effective confiscation would set a precedent for every other state with the same idea, so Connecticut is poised to cross the Rubicon.

Very probably the legislators, whose addresses are known to Second Amendment advocates everywhere, have acted in a simple-minded and arrogant way. Perhaps they do not know the consequences of their actions. Call it stupidity, simplicity or arrogance, the result is the same. As soon as the first “new Ruby Ridge” takes place, they will be open to retaliation.

Typically, the concept of retaliation for passing a law would be unthinkable, but these foolish legislators, who have exploited the deaths of children to promote their careers, have failed to grasp the enormity of their actions.

Due to the current militarized nature of law enforcement, including SWAT type raids for such minor offenses as drug possession, where a presumption of firearms is used as an excuse to burst into homes unannounced shooting anything that moves, they have willingly, lustfully exposed innocents to the violence of such raids. They are doing nothing other than attempting to terrorize the gun-owning public. For what, a chance to win an election? To make a statement?

The most rational response would be to repeal this law before a lot of people get hurt. Law enforcement should encourage the legislature to back down, because it is their lives that are on the line. Of course, the police don’t see it that way, because they are not considering that it will be a multi-directional firing range.

What law enforcement should be aware of is that a lot of veterans are on the other side of this issue. A lot of police officers are on the other side of this issue, some of whom might be providing intelligence on the most ardent supporters of the confiscation (probably to distinguish themselves from the others to avoid confusion when it gets hot). There are a lot of people’s relatives in the state who might not restrain themselves when the enemies of liberty are so clearly defined.

It is a bad law: it is bad for Connecticut; it is bad for law enforcement; it is bad for gun owners, but where it gets bad for the legislators, is that it is bad for the families they have placed in harms way with their hubris. Sometimes the taste of crow is better than the taste of blood. Be reasonable, be responsible. Do the right thing.

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