Anonymous finally shows their true colors!

 This is what anonymous supports!

In the video below the hacker group that calls it self “anonymous” show who they truly are. They are a group who supports the murder of innocent people by islam. Israel, who has suffered under endless attack, have now unleashed their forces to destroy the missiles  and people who have DAILY attacked their country from the Gaza Strip. In the past I have supported anonymous in many of their complaints, not anymore. The murder of three Israeli boys mentioned in the video was the “straw that broke the camels back”.

Anonymous, as other unfair, unrighteous, communist, minded people expect Israel to take attack after attack, without retaliation. The truth is, Israel has been extremely restrained up to this point and have taken far beyond what ANY other nation would tolerate. As a result of anonymous’ support of murdering islam, I will no longer support their efforts. CR Lynn

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