Here is why it matters what obama does!

Cops are OUT OF CONTROL! The ONLY way to stop them and bring them back under the authority of the citizens and the Constitution is for the PEOPLE (that means YOU, yeah, the guy or gal you see in the mirror) to become involved in large enough numbers to communicate clearly to your local officials that this sort of attitude and behavior will not be tolerated. MANY of these local thugs and the local elected officials who support them need to be fired.

I honestly do not hold much hope for this to be accomplished since the american people have made it clear, as long as they have any kind of food on the table, can watch cable TV, and the welfare check keeps coming, they will not do ANYTHING to stop this behavior. You have the power you are just to self-focused do act. This was clearly demonstrated in yesterdays elections. The incumbents were re-elected. The truth is: You get what you deserve and we are getting it in spades! Welcome to the new america!

Watch the video and listen to this idiot cop!

HT: Drudge Report

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