Subject: War and then some (Part I)

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A new war that some are labeling WWIII is being discussed by pundits on a continuing basis as of late. In fact, so many articles are being written on the topic that it’s difficult to go a day without seeing a new version. Some are well done and have a good basis in fact. Others are meant to simply scare people into a mode of thought or reaction. Many miss the entire logic/strategy of warfare and oversimplify the outcomes.

In my thinking, a war of the magnitude being discussed will not leave the world a better place; far from it. But, I have been asked several times recently about my “take” on events and who could come out the victor. Honestly, I have difficulty choosing a victor in the war I see coming. No one will come through undefeated, unscarred and the survivors will be forever changed.

I will try to be as logical and unbiased as possible. Keeping it altruistic also keeps it realistic to my mind. To be sure, after nearly 40 years with DOD, I have my prejudices. Serving in and supporting several wars/conflicts during that time also moulds one’s thoughts.

I will wade into this grim topic this one time.

I will not be all inclusive in my thoughts, nor will I discuss every potential outcome or path. One thing I have learned from life and history is that once the fighting begins plans, motives and desires change. The heavyweights can lose and the victor does not always get the spoils. Warfare is never static and when you hold still, even for an instant, is probably when you will get shot.

The next war has already begun. It will be asymmetrical (very overused phrase but in this case accurate) and it will be multi-layered. The cyber/financial moves have begun and are laying the groundwork for actual killing. Our vaunted DOD networks have been attacked repeatedly with varying degrees of success for nearly a decade. Mostly, we believe, by Chinese but also by Russian hackers. These are not guys sitting in their underwear in their bedrooms.

These are State-sponsored centers with thousands of experts using the best their nations can offer to penetrate our networks. On the civil side they have hacked power plants, water purification systems, electrical grid computers, etc. all over the country. They have raided the largest banking systems on the planet and gained vast amounts of personal data, financial dealings and confidential records. This is a side of warfare only discussed 20 years ago and now it is a reality for us all.

Financially, the single largest area open to attack is the petro-dollar. That is the U.S. hegemony in world trade currency and keeps the financial power centered here. This enables us, simply put: to maintain our life style, control relative inflation and dominate all other nations with our money. No major trade deals could be made without first changing other currency into dollars.

The status of owning the world’s reserve currency is an advantage we have enjoyed since the end of WWII. However, when Nixon divorced the dollar from its ties to gold, things starting going south and have only gained momentum since. I won’t detail the pitfalls and downturns here; but suffice it to say, other nations are now trading everything, including oil, in their own currencies or gold. This is crushing our financial network. It is forcing nations to re-evaluation of the dollar on a world wide basis.

How weak this has made us is debatable, but its effects are there for all to see; and it’s getting worse. Those are the first “shots fired” of the war with the U.S. These changes are forcing Barry to be more aggressive; something he is not good at nor enjoys. His short-sighted, immature reactions is what I believe will push us into physical conflict. Now let’s touch on more tangible ones.

The nation-states that I view as the most likely antagonists are China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, with possibly secondary support coming from countries like Cuba, Marxist regimes in South America, Africa and possibly Vietnam. It is widely known several of these nations have mutual defense agreements in place with the U.S. as their focal point.

Non-nation state aligned but still dangerous to us and our allies are ISIS, AQ, Hezbollah and all of the subset radical Muslim groups. None of them are limited by international boundaries and are difficult to force into a set piece confrontation (ring a bell with Vietnam vets?). My thoughts here are not all will enter into the foray; but most will play a part one way or another.

The secondary piece of this is how the radicals will deal with nation-states that pay them little heed once the fighting is joined. They are not to be trusted, which could confuse things further than they already are.

On the U.S. side stands Great Britain, Australia, Japan and possibly Israel, South Korea, the rest of NATO and the Philippines. After Japan, this list gets sketchy because we just don’t know who will actively participate or stay home and cover up to avoid getting hit. You could also throw in Pakistan but they are an odd entity that can go any direction.

Let’s not forget many of the above named nations on both sides are nuclear, whether declared or not. Most have ICBM capability or at least sub-orbital launch abilities. All can deliver bombs via aircraft. However, only the U.S., Russia and possibly China have a strategic bomber fleet. There are several, on both sides, that have nuclear or super-quiet diesel subs that can launch a variety of surface ship killing or land attack hardware.

Another fly in the pudding is the chem/bio option. Most major nations have a program, again, whether they admit to it or not. We have confirmed that ISIS is in control of at least some of Syria’s former stockpile and have drawn up plans for its “distribution”.

This could take us into another area of destruction so vile that the elites may get their wish: to kill all but 500 million of the worlds population. Certainly, Bill Ayers would get his 20-25 million dead in the U.S., just maybe not all the ones he would like to see killed. The point here is chem/bio is the poor man’s nuclear weapons. Don’t discount their threat or use in WWIII.

In Part II of this saga, I will outline strengths and weaknesses of both sides and some potential hot spots that may send this into a shooting war. And, for those who really get off on that stuff, possible outcomes.

Stand by.


An Opinion from ‘The Man Who Would Be King’

This opinion is from ‘The Man Who Would Be King’ …or more likely a man who would have been a United States Commanding General Officer in my estimation. I have no doubt he would have gone to the top. He was a young Colonel when he resigned.

I have trained with this guy and he is extremely intelligent and one of the most impressive military people I have met… and it takes a lot to impress me because I was Special Ops and I’ve seen and dealt with about every way, shape and form of officer… in combat and not.

He still has that subtle aurora of a quietly confident and capable leader. He maintains broad intelligence and military contacts. He would fit right in with a SF Delta ‘snatch and grab’ team. He’s fit beyond compare at his age, a tactician and deadly with weapons… fire and movement type use of weapons, not just shooting holes in paper targets… witnessed first hand.

Unlike some generals, who were personal and ideological friends of presidents, a few polished the leather seats of their chairs with their pork chops and were appointed up through the ranks by their “Commander-In-Chief.”

All done without the judgment of or ever subject to sitting even one Peer General Officers Promotion Review Board judging them for each star they gained as all other General Officers must do. A mainstream news media consultant and commentator former general comes to mind.

I asked this man if he resigned because Obama was black. He stared at me for a moment with disdain and I could see in his look the unspoken declaration… ‘I don’t judge by the color of skin or the shape of eyes… you know that!’

He then said… “Unlike 99.9% of Americans and other officers, I read Obama’s two books, probably written by someone other than him… like Bill Ayers.”

“I am still unable to fathom the depths of the stupidity of people electing this fraud even as he laid out his plans for this country’s demise well before his election for all to clearly see. What his direction and intentions were made the Clintons look like amateurs.”

I wondered why he didn’t stay to help keep the ship upright and his answer was… “I saw how his predecessor Clinton had gutted the military. I resigned because I knew that I would be forced to resign or would go under questionable circumstances… like drummed up accusations.”

“Remaining in a command position would be a political chess game and I held my beliefs above all else including my career. I have been too vocal in my belief in the United States Constitution and on keeping our military strong, regardless of all other issues. I knew I was a target. I submitted my resignation as my symbolic protest on his inauguration day.”

This guy has been writing and posting ever since Obama’s election trying to alert people to the road of destruction we’re on. He’s been uncannily accurate. Like he says… “Simply read Obama’s books and look at America and the world through his eyes as and you will see why he does what he does.”

We’ll both be anonymous so put your dicks away guys… he’s just giving an opinion and we’re not trying to sell anything, build a following of readers or monument to ourselves. So read this and think about it. It’s a strong possibility and I think you should all keep it in the back of your mind as a possible outcome.

This is only his opinion… however I believe a very well calculated and informed one…

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