Still believe this is a religion of peace?

Muslim Family Tree: Raped by Father-in-Law, Clerics Rule that Her Husband is Now Her Son


What a very sick world we live in. How can a Father disrespect his own son so much as to covet his wife? Furthermore, since the feeling is not mutual, what Father would go so far as to rape his owndaughter-in-law and do it multiple times?

People keep making excuses for Islam and preach their politically correct tolerance but they fail to look at what is going on around them. This is not the religion of peace. It is the religion of pieces.

Not only did this man rape his son’s wife, but the local clerics have ordered that the victim must now act as the wife of a man who raped her multiple times, at gunpoint, while she treats her own husband as a son. This is not from one of those 98% Muslim states either. This happened in India which is roughly 80% Hindu. This is another case of the Muslim minority trying to take over. How’s that working out in Minnesota?

HT: Free North Carolina
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