Take it for whatever it means to you!

A possible forewarning……..

……. from an honorable man.  Things certainly have been quiet lately.
I emailed ——– last evening saying things are way too quiet out there and I have had a very bad feeling of late. Thought it might just be the world being close to flames and the powers that be seem to be content to just stand back and fan the flames. Or perhaps with the porous borders and so many Islamic fundamentalists with passports and our politically correct TSA  stopping and searching grandmothers in wheel chairs and small white children but avoiding the obvious potential threat that we were very likely to see an anniversary unlike any we have seen on 9-11. Until late last evening or more accurately early in the morning I could not put my finger on what was bothering me but now I think it may be much bigger than what I thought.
I don’t speak of this to many people because most believe it is pure bunk but over the years I have become more of a believer. My wife was brought up Catholic but was born again and baptized 20 some years ago at a small Pentecostal church when we were still living in ——–. I did not attend the church myself on a regular basis as there were parts of the followings of the Pentecostal churches that had a hard time wrapping my head around but at her baptism she spoke in tongues. I had seen some of the other members of the church speak in tongues during service as if processed. Like I said I was brought up Episcopalian and as an adult my wife and I most often attended either a nondenominational church or a Presbyterian church so this was foreign to me.  
Neither of us have attended a Pentecostal type church in over 20 years but from time to time the Spirit seems to still come upon my wife and she speaks in tongues. Most notably during the birth of our youngest daughter as I remember. It has never come upon her in church since she was baptized but a few times I can remember her doing so at night and sometimes since I go to bed earlier than she does I thought she was having a bad dream. And she knows the skeptic in me so have spoken about it in depth only a few times but she claims no control over it when it happens and that it happens when the Spirit moves her.
Last evening I woke up when she came to bed and I was just about to fall asleep again when I had heard her breathing become irregular and soft as she was falling asleep. I felt her body stiffen and she shook and spoke in tongues. I heard a language I had never heard but it was definitely a language and I could make out some repeated words but could make nothing out of what she was saying. It probably only lasted a minute or so but it seemed much longer. When her body relaxed she started weeping and then sobbing and I could feel her shaking.
I put my arm around her to comfort her and asked her what was wrong. She continued to weep although softly and said “No, no, no not now. I had hoped it would not be in our lifetime.” What she said next chilled me to the bone. She said, “There will be chaos, there will be darkness and there will be so much blood.” I pulled her close and said that everything will be alright. She said “No it will not be alright. He told me the time had come and there would be much killing and you will have to be ready. You will have to be ready to kill to if you are to survive. He said the time has come.”
I asked her when and all she would say is “The time is almost upon us. Too soon, too soon.”
Take it for what you will and it is all I can tell you. I held my wife until she slipped off to sleep as she repeated several times, “I am not crazy. He spoke to me.” I lay in bed for quite some time not being able to sleep as I started counting off the things I have put off too long and know I still have to do. I have had an uneasy feeling for sometime now and it has been increasing as of late but after last night I think the time has run out.
All I can say is I harken back to that time when ———, I and others were all moved at the same time to Ephesians 6:10-18. I am not saying that it is the end of days but I am now 100% sure that we don’t have until the Darkness descends upon us. May God be with us all. And like my wife I am not crazy.
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