Ebola and our government

By: CR Lynn


I have been contemplating the situation regarding Ebola and other things currently taking place in the USA and I think there are somethings that need to be said. Let me preface my comments by saying: I don’t have any special knowledge or insight into the current events

I am a person who has a biblical world view and tries to think, and think logically. I do believe that by reading the Bible (which I have done many times, cover to cover) and asking God for wisdom, He will grant it, or at least that is what He promises He will do, so I believe it. I also read a lot! I read a lot of diverse opinions too, which I believe helps me stay balanced. Having said all of that, here is what I think:

My main comment is very simple and therefore not going to be very profound and yet it is key to understanding where we find ourselves today and what may happen in the not to distant future.  And yet, understanding this reality could have profound implications for our country, our people and those making decisions in our government.  Please, feel free to take these comments as they are meant; as a warning and a threat. It is a warning and a threat for the future.

I have three main points to make:

1. Ebola has come to our shores.

2. It could have been prevented from reaching the USA.

3. It is our governments fault that it is here.

President Obama and his administration are responsible for Ebola being in the USA. They have done nothing to stop it. Not only did the President not stop it, he purposely opened the doors of our country to it! They could have stopped the flights anytime they wanted.

Remember this if Ebola gets out of control in the USA:

Your government is responsible and should be held accountable for it!

Another thing to remember: the republicans haven’t done anything to stop it either. They control the house and the house controls the money! They can put a stop to any and all of this nonsense anytime they want too!

Have you ever asked yourself the question why they don’t?

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One Response to Ebola and our government

  1. K C says:

    I totally agree with what Clinton has said. I am wondering why they are not shipping these “experimental” drugs to Africa and why didn’t the guy in Dallas get the drugs quickly the same way the missionaries/doctors got it right away. First he was not diagnosed when he came in sick and told them he had been in Liberia – so that is just a plain dumb oversight in my opinion and then he is admitted to Hospital on the 28th. Now it sounds like he just got the medication today or maybe yesterday. I am not sure but it seems like mainstream media was saying this morning that he was finally given the drug – I am thinking just today. They said the delay was a few issues the last one being paperwork. Are you kidding me. This guy is dying of a virus that could infect /kill a lot of us and he didn’t get meds timely for some paperwork. Unbelievable. And I don’t believe it. The missionaries got treatment asap when they got here. They have all survived. Why the delay in getting Mr. Duncan the magic serum? Now he has died. This is outrageous. Who decides who gets the treatment and how fast they get it and why haven’t we sent it to Africa in an attempt to eradicate this stuff? People who are dying of this ugly virus don’t care if the drugs are experimental or not. This is a vicious infection and a horrible way to die. Get the treatment out even if not FDA approved.

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