Clear case of “driving while black!”


The police officer’s in the below video say to the black man (we never actually see the man but he sounds African American. Sorry if I am wrong), at the start of the video, that they (the vehicle occupants) were stopped “because you (to the black man) look exactly like a person who has warrants.” After the occupants of the car assert their constitutional rights of probable cause, the officer says the stop is because they didn’t have their lights on, all the while the sun is clearly visible high in the sky above and behind the police officers head. Then the police officer says they have probable cause because “of her (the woman’s) nervousness.” To tell you the truth, I would be nervous too! The officer’s then bring a narcotic dog around the car and the occupants verbalize their lack of consent to be searched. The officer then said the narcotic dog “hit on the car.”

Detector dogs are notoriously unreliable. They are rewarded when ever they “hit”, either with food or with a toy to play with. Over time they learn that they will be rewarded if they “find” what ever their master is looking for, so they will learn to exhibit the appropriate action i.e. “hit” in order to obtain the reward, thereby making their so called “hit”, unreliable.

Then the officers use the classical illegal charge for arrest: “obstruction of an investigation.” The only “obstruction these people did was ASSERT THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! Which were then BLATANTLY violated by these police officers who SWORE AN OATH to uphold the constitution. Thereby PROVING they are liars!

Then worst of all they threaten the family with SRS and the loss of their children. This breaks the woman’s spirit and she gives up the fight, thereby cutting the legs out from under her man and the results: Tyranny wins again.

The saddest thing about all of this, even sadder than these police officers violating their oath, is this woman’s lack of faith in her man and thereby falling for the police officers manipulation of her and her family. All because of her LACK OF STRENGTH. This caving in is a prime example of one of the major problems in this culture today. “America’s womanized culture” does not have the strength to stand in the face of tyranny, all because of a lack of faith; first in God and second in their men, and we are ALL paying for it.

These police officers are THE SCUM OF THE EARTH and should be fired for this absolutely unwarranted, unprofessional, and illegal behavior. THEY ARE NOT SERVANTS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, NOR ARE THEY SERVANTS OF THEIR COMMUNITY!

I have NO Romans 13 obligation to submit to their authority! CR Lynn

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