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Rightful Liberty and ‘Standing Up’

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

Thomas Jefferson

For a while now I have avoided any kind of ‘political’ post on the basis that I have been keeping my head low as a tactical training school. You know, the priority is training and being available as a trainer and all that. I find myself unable to do that any longer. I have also eschewed any kind of ‘leadership’ role up to this point. Well, this post isn’t about being a leader, but I am more than willing to stand up as necessary, even if it is just to be the nail that gets hammered down (and anyway, there really isn’t anything to lead, as such).

I’m going to jot a few thoughts down in this post:

People often ask me questions about my views on things at class, and we have a political discussion about such. One of the consistent things that I tell people is that they have to stand up in their daily lives. What do I mean by ‘stand up?’ I mean that they should stand up and refuse to accept the politically correct. The radical leftism. The madness that infects the modern America.  I tell them that they have to stand up and make a difference. Refuse to go along. If necessary, make a scene. Sheeple don’t like a scene. Don’t be one of those who is afraid of standing out, of making such a scene. Don’t agree to the whole “Don’t make a fuss dear” mentality. You have to make a fuss. You have to refuse to accept, or comply with, the madness.

What I am not advocating is violence. However, I advocate maintaining the means to potentially conduct violence. That is  why we train and possess arms. That is why we have a Second Amendment. We all have a right to self defense. If you don’t have teeth, why would the leviathan care what you think? Comply, or else.

I have also never advocated civil disorder. The tactics I teach have utility in a post-collapse situation. They would not be appropriate in polite society. However, in this post I am going to take a stand and advocate civil disobedience to illegitimate power.

Now, before we go any further, I think something needs to be made clear: Having written my manual ‘Contact!’ aimed at a helping ‘preppers’ survive, it may be that since then, based on blog posts and such, many out there think I have something against preppers. Well, it’s not that. There are multiple things at play here. Let’s look at it pre- and post-collapse.

Pre-Collapse: Are we going to have a collapse or are we going to continue down this road of tyranny by ever increasing degree? I used to say the death of liberty by a thousand bureaucratic cuts, but liberty is truly dead in America. We are just talking degrees of tyranny at this point. We have a rise of bureaucratic absolutismin America based on administrative law (power), which is unconstitutional and therefore unlawful (The linked article HERE is excellent, H/T WRSA). And yet we have ‘preppers’ who are worried about ‘OPSEC’ and hiding their stash. Yes, I get it, in a country of individuals you have to look after your family. But that won’t keep back tyranny. So we will keep rolling towards absolutism until perhaps a collapse comes in from stage left and then we have to try and survive that too.


Because no one will stand up and push back.

Post-Collapse: My issue with preppers is simply trying to make them better able to survive, which often clashes with an entrenched mindset. From the need for PT to small unit tactics, the holistic effect of teams, through to a suitable mindset/outlook. Yes, we all need a stash, but all cover is temporary and if you are purely static in your outlook the enemy will maneuver on you at some point. You cannot predict the tides of war, so by all means build a stash where you can, try and develop community, but remain flexible. Right now, we can only try and have property and prepare our bodies, minds and our stash to the best of our ability. I get that. But as individuals we will die as individuals. That is why I am so critical of the ‘fat-ass preppers’ and the ‘retreat mountain house snipers’ and the ‘Paranoid Radical Individualists (PRI’s) etc.

So what is the problem we face?

We do not feel safe in our own country, in or own communities, in our own homes. As a few examples, we have:

  • NSA and related agencies spying on us.
  • The advance of radical leftism where everything is turned on its head. Absolutely no common sense or rational behavior or thought out there.
  • A corrupt administration perpetrating one crime and scandal after another and not being held accountable.
  • A corrupt bureaucracy, for example, the IRS targeting the political opposition of the incumbent regime with financial sanctions.
  • Excessive and unlawful administrative law (power) and the proliferation of related governmental organizations.
  • An overbearing and brutal ‘law enforcement’ arm.
  • The majority population of this country, a country which itself was founded by British revolutionaries, are now the public enemy number 1.
  • The criminalization of what we take for granted as ‘being American,’ from guns to freedom.
  • A corrupt judicial system.
  • ‘No-Knock’ SWAT raids. Overuse/inappropriate use of SWAT.

We also have an inappropriate police state based on thuggery. Yes, I just said that. We have ‘Law Enforcement’ where you have individuals and groups, who are often not very intelligent, invested with a power beyond that of the citizen. Remember that sovereignty resides in the people, in this Constitutional Republic. And yes, there are “good ones,” but so long as we have the bad ones setting the tone, then the good ones are of no consequence. The problem is this: these ‘LEO’s’ are invested with a power over you as a citizen. We have therefore now effectively lost equality under the law. This applies whether you are guilty of a crime or not. You have to obey ‘lawful orders’ from these types whether you have committed a crime or not. If you don’t, then they will/can arrest you, for whatever charge they want, including disorderly conduct or whatever. You therefore have effectively no rights. You can argue, but they ultimately have the power to arrest you or not, and it is really up to their their mood and intent. And if they start on the path to arrest, there is nothing you can do, argue or not, right or wrong. The power of leviathan is behind them.

It makes you powerless and impotent as a citizen. How does that make you feel?

But of course this is all really tied into the same system. It is related to the administrative power (absolutism) otherwise known as the illegal bureaucracy. It is the same control exerted by the Government School system, over both children and parents. You will comply or force, otherwise known as violence, will be applied against you. It is the same system that is backed up by a stacked judicial system.

But I really don’t care about unconstitutional false law at all. I just care about justice, otherwise known as right and wrong.

The ‘Law Enforcement’ machine in the US needs to be immediately rolled back. What we need is a return to more of a common law system where we have Peace Officers. Such officers are not there to exert control, but to investigate and arrest people as appropriate, based on contravention of criminal law. Actual crimes, not administrative transgressions. Not simply refusing to comply with a ‘lawful order’ from a cop. People should only be arrested and jailed if they are caught with reasonable articulable/evidential suspicion of having committed a crime, and are a flight risk. Otherwise, send them a summons to appear in court before an elected magistrate for the case to be heard.  You know, like the Anglo-Saxons used to do.

And I really don’t give two figs that it is necessary for my ‘safety and security.’ I don’t give my permission for my rights to be taken away for safety and security. I will make my own decisions. I am a free man. I know that by declaring myself a ‘free man’ I am, because we live in the madness, putting myself against the leviathan in this formerly great country. But that’s really my point: stand up and don’t accept what the thought police want you to accept: FEAR. COMPLIANCE.

Be a free man. Be an American. By your words and actions.

Which brings me to my next point: Rightful Liberty. This is my political philosophy. And this is where I take issue with many of you. Whether you are on the right or the left, it is not your business to tell others how to live their lives, whether you approve or not. If you support rightful liberty, then you have to get around this. Some of the social issues that have become Federal/State level election issues are a perfect example. It is nothing to do with the State.

You are perfectly entitled to your own opinion. You can vote with your feet and live where and how you wish, in whatever community you wish. Unless you can demonstrate that what someone is doing is contravening the “within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others” then you have no business being involved. I am sure there are all sorts of rabbit holes we can go down, and there can be questions raised about protection of innocents at the mercy of others, but of course there needs to be a law of the land, and it would be perfectly acceptable to send a posse into a community to arrest, for example, a serial rapist or child abuser even if the community in which he lived  believed those things were acceptable, so long as it was in contravention of the law of the land.

So my point here is that yes, there are rabbit holes to be gone down, but try and remain out of them for now, because the point is the principle of rightful liberty.

“The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

Thomas Jefferson

So, I have an idea forming in my mind. It is to do with the cause of Rightful Liberty. I want to do something about it. I want to stand up, now. I want to start a movement. What is the point in waiting. Are you afraid? Of course you are, you face the leviathan. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the grace to act even while it claws at your innards.

Because no-one is going to do anything. Ever. Except bicker.

If you support rightful liberty, I am on your side., If you have an agenda of control, then I am not. I support liberty, but I am not for anarchy. There needs to be some sort of law for society to operate. We don’t want to live in Hobbes’ ‘State of Nature’ nor do we want to live under his leviathan. We want to live under the Constitutional Republic as created by such great men as Thomas Jefferson. No one has any right to take that away from America. But it has been taken away. The administrative law, the bureaucracy,  circumvents it by greater degrees every day. And they expect us to accept it. We need to stand up to every example of where we come across it, and say NO.



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