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Dead elephant, shot by poachers

The answer is simple: The republicans are dead Elephants! They stand for NOTHING. They have abandoned their traditional base in order to become just slightly less democrat than the democrats. They wouldn’t know anything conservative even if it came up and bit them in the rear. I for one WILL NOT support them, even if it means Hillary wins. Our only hope is for things to get so bad, so quickly, the sheep we call american’s will wake up. Oh by the way, it got pretty bad, pretty quick with obama and these idiots are still asleep.

Why Aren’t the Republicans Running Away with the Midterm Election?


By A.J. Cameron  October 26, 2014 | Comments| Print friendly |

Why Aren’t the Republicans Running Away with the Midterm Election?Obama’s ratings continue to deteriorate, even within his base, yet Republicans continue to struggle in races that could put them over the top in the Senate.  Why aren’t Republicans running away with the midterm election that should be a wave election?

When listening to conservative radio and reading conservative blogs and columns, we hear the standard comments that play out in the puppeteer-controlled media.  Are people on the ‘Right’ afraid to address the real reasons that the Republicans are struggling to take advantage of a golden opportunity?  There is a refrain that all politics is local.  That is so yesterday!  Today’s politics is establishment politics.  You may have a phenomenal Representative or Senator, but if the party leadership consists of thugs, as both parties do now, your Representative or Senator is politically, morally, and ethically neutered.  If he/she aspires to be on specific committees, or higher office, they are forced to go along to get along.  Essentially, for many, their morality, ethics and campaign promises are altered, and this is justified by the ‘good’ they can do, once they ‘arrive’ on said committee, or political office.

Traditionally, midterm elections don’t have the same excitement as Presidential elections, but the 2010 midterm proved that when motivated, conservatives did, and will, storm the ballot box.  Why didn’t they turn out in the 2012 Presidential election and why aren’t they energized for the 2014 midterm election?  Could it be due to the Republican establishment?  Do many conservatives believe they have been sandbagged by the GOP ‘back‘stab’lishment’?

The energy that enveloped the 2010 midterm was phenomenal.  Patriots and people of faith believed that by supporting the Republicans, especially fellow conservatives who were newcomers to the world of politics, they could reverse ObamaCare and many of the anti and un-American actions of a rogue regime.  They believed there was a fundamental difference between the two major political parties; how naïve they were, and many still cling to this myth, because they lack a genuine alternative to the rogues within the Demoncrat party.  Sadly, the rogues atop the GOP have proven themselves as anti and un-American as their ‘colleagues’ across the aisle.

A quick review of a few lowlights that have occurred since the 2010 midterms reveals the following.  Once Boehner was elected as Speaker of the House, he began ‘politically protecting’ Obama and the agenda of the globalist elites (many of whom are not U.S. citizens), who actually control our political system.  He did this by action and inaction, with equal effectiveness.  Unfortunately, many Republicans are as blind about those atop their party as virtually every Demoncrat is about those atop their party.

When four members of his own party attempted to live up to their campaign promises and their ethics and morals, Boehner stripped them of their committee positions, because their promises, ethics and morals conflicted with ‘the agenda’.  This also was a shot across the bow of all of the other Representatives, effectively forcing the ‘good Republicans’ to conform to the agenda, or suffer the same punishment.

June 28, 2012 will burn forever in the hearts of patriots and freedom lovers, or until ObamaCare is reversed, in its entirety.  For conservatives, it was inconceivable to think that Chief Justice Roberts, nominated by GWB, would rule to allow ObamaCare to become law.  To add salt to the wound, following the 2012 election, Boehner and McConnell are on record for saying that ObamaCare is ‘the law of the land’.  Does this statement sound as if either one of these Republican ‘leaders’ has any intention of repealing ObamaCare?  Now we find that another judge, appointed by GWB has exonerated the IRS for its aggression against politically conservative organizations; so much for the exhortation that people need to vote Republican to ensure we have constitutionally grounded judges nominated, appointed and/or approved by Republicans!

Consider the unfounded attacks against Herman Cain, during his attempt to capture the GOP Presidential nomination.  With the possible exception of Newt Gingrich, every other presidential candidate failed to speak up for Mr. Cain.  It was disappointing that Michele Bachmann failed to come to Mr. Cain’s defense, especially due to the fact that the GOP elites targeted her, for her outspoken conservatism.  There were other candidacy issues during 2012 that revealed the GOP establishment to be equal to the hood rats within the Demoncrat Party, but possibly the most egregious was what was done to prevent Allen West (R-FL) from being re-elected.  Florida gained a seat in the House, yet the GOP elites were willing to gerrymander his district to lose a seat in the House, to prevent a leading conservative and reformer from being re-elected.  Additionally, the establishment hijacked the GOP Convention, and conservatives, libertarians and other grassroots members of the party were written out of the party.

The assaults continued.  Boehner has sent out the word that anyone who does not support his re-election as Speaker of the House, should he be crowned again from District 8 in Southwest Ohio, need not expect any committee assignments.  There is also the infamous Mississippi Burning II, in which Haley Barbour and a cabal of greedy narcissists courted Demoncrats with walking around money to ensure that Thug Cochran won the runoff election, preventing a reformer from burdening McConnell and the establishment Republicans from having to answer for their anti and un-American actions.

When you listen to any of the GOP party or establishment candidate campaign ads, do you hear anything about the following: repealing ObamaCare, securing our borders and preventing amnesty from becoming a reality, eliminating Conformity (Common) Core, the continued assault against Catholics, Christians and Jews, preventing the purposeful dismantling of our military, stopping the deployment of the many tentacles of U. N. Agenda 21/unsustainable, sustainable development, etc.?  Didn’t McConnell place four people on the immigration policy panel who champion the Demoncrat policy of open borders and amnesty?  Hasn’t ‘Mr. Conservative’, Paul Ryan echoed this treason?  While the Republican platform is anti-Conformity Core, probable 2016 GOP Presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, and many other leading Republicans are heavily invested in imposing Conformity Core upon our children/students, their parents, teachers and administrators.

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