From: Ivy Mike

If I was a psychopath…

…and I was firmly ensconced in the halls of power within a massive enforcement regime; and if I hated the exercise of an inviolable right by the mundanes I rule over to the point where I thought the state should “brainwash” people against it; and if I knew I would be able to get away with treason to undermine that right by smuggling contraband into a foreign country to foment a crisis in order to pass laws that chip away at that right; and if hundreds of people in that foreign country died as a result of my treason; and if officers in the very agencies I oversee die as a result of my treason; and if I have zero empathy for any of said people; would I be OK with officers getting killed in my own country by people I motivate to create a crisis that can help me get the laws passed to chip away at the right I so despise?

Yeah, I probably would.

If I was a psychopath.

The nearer we come to the full military suppression of the bourgeoisie, the more dangerous becomes to us the high flood of petty-bourgeois Anarchism. And the struggle against these elements cannot be waged with propaganda and agitation alone. … The struggle must also be waged by applying force and compulsion.

– V. I. Lenin

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