Romney: Climate change is real, man is contributing to it, and it’s time to do something about it

Really? You want to vote for this idiot? Remember: Obamacare WAS Romneycare before it was Obamacare!

It’s not news that he believes it’s real and at least partly man-made, but it is sort of newsy that he thinks it’s time to take action. Actually, wait: I think it probably is news to lots of Republican voters that he thinks AGW is real. It shouldn’t be, as Romney’s copped to believing that both on the trail and in a book he wrote in 2010, but one of the fun things about Romney campaigns is that you never know which long-held conservative heresy is suddenly going to blow up on him. He flamed out in the primaries in 2008 but RomneyCare was never much of an issue. Four years later, after ObamaCare had made Massachusetts’s reforms toxic to the right, he was forced to swallow hard and explain it away — but meanwhile, his pronouncements on climate change largely went unnoticed. Four years after that, is climate change poised to become the RomneyCare of the 2016 primaries? Read more

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