Do you have the courage to deal with the problem?

Ancient Problem, Ancient Solution

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Thousands of Africans, mostly Muslims, almost all of them fighting aged males, are swarming in Calais and trying to breach the railhead and gain entry to England. In response the English look to their politicians and demand that they do something.

They’re confused why a Conservative government is not doing anything. For the ruling classes these Africans represent thousands of cheap workers and consumers. They will continue the de-culturing of the European empire and their dysfunctional African behaviour will be an excuse for a militarised police force and more invasive state surveillance.

Politicians promises to solve the immigration problem in order to win votes. Once they are in power their only problem is getting as many Africans into the country as possible without angering the people who voted for him. They are so desperate to solve this immigration ‘problem’ that they are using the Royal Navy to ferry Africans across the Mediterranean into Europe. The politicians do not care what you want and you need to stop expecting them to help you.

Now, listen to me. A nation of weaklings that begs its government to do something is not worth saving. The gods laugh at you. Your ancestors are disgusted. If you are not prepared to do what it takes to save your nation then you do not deserve to have it and it will be taken from you, even under the auspices of democracy.

A nation which does not have enough children to sustain itself will die out. If you are not prepared to fight off the invaders you will be enslaved and replaced. This is the iron law of Nature. People glibly talk about our government being a soft touch. Who exactly is the soft touch here? The venal ruling class who grow rich on immigration, or the idle population who do nothing while Africans plunder their nation.

The reason Africans are pouring into Europe, and England in particular, is not just because we have a generous welfare state. It’s because we have a population of weaklings who do absolutely nothing while that generous welfare state is ransacked by foreigners. They come here because the men of this country do nothing while their women and children are raped. They cry about racism but they don’t truly believe that Europeans are evil racists or they would not come here to live among us in droves. They come here as invaders because they see us as weak.

They are attracted here by the apathy of a weak and dying nation. They come here because they know they can do what they want and nobody will stop them. Not any more. There is a new breed of men being made, who do not look for somebody else to save them, and will do what it takes to save themselves. The invaders will find that they have come to the land of blue-eyed devils after all.

There is no will to solve the problem among the ruling classes. Even if there was we simply do not have the resources. We cannot build enough fences to keep them out. We don’t have enough courts and prisons to deal with the sheer volume of people. No democratically acceptable solution would be sufficient to deter thousands of desperate men, and their numbers are only going to increase.

A democratic solution is impossible but the good news is that we do not need to convince everybody that we are right. We do not need to win elections. We do not need to organise boycotts or march in the streets. We do not need to win arguments or be popular.

The solution is really very simple and we just need a few dedicated men who are willing to do what it takes to make trying to get into Europe a terrifying ordeal. Those who aid and abet the invasion must likewise be punished. Remove your twenty-first century head with all its modern ideas. We are under attack and every single one of us needs to adopt a primitive, survival mindset.

Your ancestors burned people in wicker-men to appease the gods. They removed people from their country by hurling them from cliffs. They painted their bodies and fought naked. They divined the future from their enemies’ entrails and drank from their skulls. We are descended from a long line of utter maniacs who took care of business so we could be here today. Now that responsibility falls to us. You can wail about our problems alone or you can join us and be a part of the solution.

We do whatever we have to and we keep doing it until they’re scared to even whisper our nation’s name. We surrender no more soil than it takes to bury them. They have somewhere else to run to. We don’t.

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