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Every time something happens related to gun violence in this country, the left starts talking increased gun laws. Unless, of course it takes place in a liberal haven like Chicago or such.  Now, they (the left) are openly talking gun confiscation, which was always the goal anyway. Every time they talk this way, gun sales go through the roof.

Now I ask myself the question: “If every time the powers that be (tptb) talk gun laws (i.e. confiscation) and the American people’s response is to buy more guns, do tptb really think the people are buying more guns just to turn around and give them to the government just cause they said so?”

I don’t think so!

They (tptb) keep pushing and I think the result will be severe trouble! Not a threat, just an observation. You think the cops are being hunted now! Oh BTW, I don’t think it will just be the cops that are hunted.

Wow, pretty dumb, unless? That’s what you really want to happen?

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