We can defeat tyranny!!!

break free: Le parole Yourself gratuito su maglie della catena di rottura a parte che rappresenta una lotta per la libertà e la liberazione dalle regole oppressive e figure autorità vincolante che di essere liberato Archivio Fotografico

The video’s below tell the story of a few local Canadians standing up against their over-reaching government.

For some reason wink: Female emoticon winking Illustrationgovernments across the western world are trying to force people to eat the un-healthy food produced by the big corporate producers. Many family farms across north america are producing rich, healthy food, but have a difficult time getting that food into the mouths of the people who 1. are aware of what is going on, 2. want to eat healthy food.  Often this is because of illegal, un-right, government intervention such as happened here.

My family has drunk raw milk for years. It is very good, tasty, and healthy for you. The potential health problems the government uses as an excuse to try to prevent the sale of raw milk are non-existent. The government is simply acting as the enforcer for the big corporate producer. In this incident in Canada, guess what happened? The people Won!!!! The government backed down!

This sort of resistance to tyranny can be used by us, as a training example for ways we, a free people, can push back against a tyrannical government!

Please people, the decline of our country can be turned around if you will just get off your butts and get involved! They did and won. We can too! Look for opportunities to get involved. Determine to take action.  Otherwise, you really are in grave danger of losing what freedom you have. If you won’t do it for yourself, then for once, think about your children and grand-children! What kind of world do you want to leave for them? I hope the folks in Canada are ready, they will probably be back.

Below is the long version of events:

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