The Republican elites are our enemies!


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I’ve said it before and I will say it again: The leaders of the establishment Republican party are as much our enemies as the Democrats, (Communists and Socialists)! Right now Donald Trump has my vote. I have no doubt I won’t agree with everything he will do as President, he does have a strong liberal past that I don’t like. But it is enough for me that the establishment hates him and are doing EVERYTHING they can to destroy him. And since I want to poke my finger in their eye, this is a good way to do it. I also believe that we either stop the un-vetted immigration, (especially the un-vetted Muslim immigration) or we are done as a nation. I believe, of all the candidates, Trump is the one who will do this. Even my go to candidate, Ted Cruz is wishy washy on this! We MUST stop the Muslim immigration. WE must!

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This IS a war against an evil, world domination system. That is what Islam is. Don’t believe me? Do a little self-education. Go ahead, it won’t take much to see that I’m telling it straight. Islam is incompatible with ANY other religious, political, or legal system in the world. The WHOLE system of Islam is built on unquestioning loyalty to Allah (La ilaha illa Allah) and Muhammad, the messenger of God (Muhammadar Rsul Allah). They WILL NOT assimilate, it is against their belief system. If you are an infidel (unbeliever, kafir) you are of Dar al-Harb (the house of war). Their whole goal is to do away with you IN ANY WAY THEY CAN! Let me repeat that for those of you who are dense: ISLAM IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH ANY OTHER RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL AND/OR LEGAL SYSTEM IN THE WORLD! Until we realize that fact and stop them from coming here, we will lose!

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